Nuggets November 2020

Riding the wave. That’s what I’ve found myself saying lately when people asked me how I am. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I’m not talking CoViD-19 here, though it’s obviously very much on my mind as we’re heading into the second wave all over Europe (with a month of … Read more

Nuggets September 2020

Oh boy did I need a break! I learned a few times in my life that I can stretch myself quite considerably, especially when working on projects that excite me (more on that below), but I do notice the subtle signs of “you need a fucking break, mate! You can’t do this much longer” and … Read more

Nuggets August 2020

I’ve just realized that my laptop refused to switch over from UK to French time. That means you’re gonna have to jump straight in without a considered, witty and inspiring intro, which I usually write at the end. Our AirBnB host has been AMAZING and a 3pm checkout is more than nice, so let me honour … Read more

Nuggets July 2020 – Special treat for all the coaches

You know I’m one for limited promotion. I do care about getting people to go that one step deeper with their thinking. That’s why for some time I’ve been “Talking about Coaching” in the form of my podcast (both solo and together with colleagues), my coaching community on Facebook and most recently (since March) in the form of a monthly Coaching Lab. Every … Read more

Nuggets June 2020

A lot has happened this month so I’ve got a few chunky nuggets for you. And since in comparison with the world it seems odd to tell you about the exciting stuff that’s been brewing in my kitchen I want to jump straight in with… What matters In horror I’ve watched a man being murdered … Read more

Nuggets May 2020

“My doors are (almost) always open and I’d love to hear from you.” This has been the signature to these nuggets since I started writing them some 2 years ago. While I still absolutely LOVE to hear from you (and in fact it’s the feedback that I get from many of you that play a big part … Read more

Positive Existential Coaching as a Meaning-Making Intervention

In the summer of 2018 I presented my approach to coaching at the 20th Conference of the International Network of Personal Meaning (INPM) in Vancouver. Based on my talk I wrote this paper which was recently published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXISTENTIAL POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY  VOL 9 NO 1 (2020): SPECIAL ISSUE: 2018 PROCEEDINGS OF … Read more