Yannick Jacob is an Existential Life and Leadership Coach (MA), a Positive Psychologist (MSc), a Coach Trainer & Supervisor (DIP) and a Mediator (SPCP Dispute Resolution). He’s the Program Director of the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching (ACIC) at the School of Positive Transformation (for which he’s gathered many of the world’s most influential coaches and pioneers) and he was the Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London (2015-18). Yannick is part of the teaching faculties at The School of Life, Animas Centre for Coaching and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision. His love for coaching, positive existential philosophy and personal development is contagious and he loves to challenge people to think, learn & grow, to explore the BIG questions and to appreciate the whole spectrum of what life has to offer. As a coach Yannick partners with his clients to help them lead and navigate their lives and careers, to make big decisions and, ultimately, find ways to be happy. His long-term vision is to inspire the world to embrace their human condition in all its beautiful and challenging facets and to create a more meaningful human experience. Yannick presents at conferences internationally and his semonal book An Introduction to Existential Coaching was published by Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher.


I challenge people to think, learn & grow; I create a space to ponder, figure shit out and make the difficult choices to navigate your life and career successfully (whatever that may mean for you). I encourage my clients to live courageously and I hope to inspire the world to embrace their human condition in all its beautiful and challenging facets.


This is a big question. While many of us will have a short elevator pitch ready to go or start with their job title or what they do for a living, I believe that getting closer to one of the many possible answers to this question we will need to spend some time together. We are different people depending on who we are in relation with and I appreciate that you and I are multi-faceted beings with complex and fascinating interests, values, beliefs and characteristics. That said, I’d like to give you a glimpse into who I am nonetheless but hope that we’ll get a chance to get to know each other a bit better soon. Since we tend to think in images, I’ll start with the video from the front page so you can catch my “vibe” and get an insight into my philosophy of life and I’ll post a few images and conversations I’ve been having with people. If you’d like to read some more I’ll go into more detail on my “why”, my values and why I do what I do, followed by a more formal biography.

My Philosophy of life:

Video Interview exploring my views on life, death, coaching, positive psychology and existentialism: 

Podcast with a thorough introduction by the hosts: 

I’ve always been incredibly curious about life and everything that I didn’t know. I love learning and experiencing new things. But I can also get bored quite quickly once I figured out how a system works and at the point where the end becomes certain (with just the right amount of effort and time spent on it) I tend to move on. That’s why I’ve decided to work with people (myself as much as others). They just never get boring, ever, and they keep surprising me (again, including myself). So I started studying all things personal development. Positive psychology and coaching seemed to be the perfect fit as I love helping people grow and flourish and I love making (or rather helping) people think. I thrive on enabling friends and clients to find meaning and purpose in their lives, to really connect to something larger than their current reality and I get a natural high when another of my clients develops the courage to go and live their life to the fullest. I know from my own experience that facing life head-on is hard and often really uncomfortable. But I also know that it’s SO worth it! I’ve been exploring what makes people happy and what holds them back as long as I can think. Through coaching, mediation and workshops I can change lives for the better. And on top of that I really enjoy the process. Let me tell you a bit more:

I believe the road to happiness is paved with (self-)awareness; being aware of what’s going on around you, inside you and the interaction between the two. Happiness, success and fulfillment are goals that everybody has to define for him or herself. They might mean earning a million or giving a million to charity, getting a promotion or finally quitting your job, finding love or developing the courage to break up. I have found that in the long run it is always better to face life’s many challenges, to embrace anxiety and hardship as an inevitable part of life that made you who you are, to understand that without uncertainty, meaningless, existential isolation and death lurking around the corner, life would be quite boring.

Existential philosophy has given me an amazing framework of what it means to be in-the-world-with-others and most people I have talked to about it could really relate to it on a profound level. So whether you want to make a decision about which car to buy or whether you feel you have lost a general sense of direction in your life, existential themes are involved. By connecting to your worldview, your beliefs and values, you create a stable foundation from which you’ll be able to make the most difficult decisions.

I love working with people, I am challenging and will invite you to re-examine your situation, your beliefs and your assumptions in the light of what you’re telling me. I won’t give you the answers as I believe everybody has to find his or her own answers. The way I live wouldn’t work for others. Also, I’m not perfect and I struggle with the same human condition as everybody else. Life’s an ongoing challenge. Coaching, mediation and my workshops can give you enough awareness, knowledge and courage so that you are prepared for whatever you may have to face in the future so that, when things get tough, you can bounce back quicker and deal with what life deals you.

I was born and raised in Germany and have lived in Switzerland (6 months) and the USA (1 year) before moving to London in 2005. I have traveled a lot and love meeting new people. I believe everybody’s incredibly interesting once they dare to go beyond small talk and reveal you who they really are. I find that to be a source for infinite excitement and curiousity and I don’t think I’ll ever stop to be amazed at the depth of people’s stories. I certainly can’t wait to hear yours!



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