Hey <<First Name>> First of all, and before I potentially lose you in all this content, let me say:Happy Holidays and I wish you the best possible transition into 2023. Here’s my favourite shot of Leah’s first Christmas to make your heart feel a little fuzzy 🙂 What an eventful year it’s been. Wouza! Leah entered our life on 22.1.22 … Read more


Hey <<First Name>> I’ve moved!It’s been a trip! And boy did I underestimate how much of a ball ache it would be, how much it would add to my to-do list, and how little time Leah would leave us to unpack! But it’s done. We love Berlin. Leah’s adjusted pretty well now and loves having lots of … Read more

May Nuggets

Hey ! We’re back on track!! Yay 🙂 Not without some excellent help though, that is. I gotta say, babies do lead to all sorts of delays. That part of the narrative is certainly spot on! So first of all, a big THANK YOU to both Martin and Gemma, without whose help you’d not only get these … Read more

A time-sensitive Nugget

Hey ! As you’d expect, becoming a dad has led to a few new insights. For instance, there’s the fact that yes, I tend to create a tonne of projects (a “project-salad” as my new COO Martin likes to call it), causing my map of events and associated to-do lists to look a bit wild. But … Read more

Baby Nuggets

Nuggets What I’ve (always) struggled with – Of pruning and hoarding What’s really helping me out – Yannick Jacob, Father/Science Detective! What a piece of shit taught me about responsibility – Sarte vs. Projectile poo What I’ve learned about my mind – Presence, distractions & entering the zone Content galore – Three book chapters plus podcasts podcasts podcasts! Catch me … Read more

September Nuggets

What I’ll be telling my kids  –  It’s not ALL about relationships What will follow me for decades  – How language shapes our minds What organisations can do to waste the power of WHY – Playing the purpose game What made me lose my shit – We are our parent’s children indeed New Content Catch me live Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm … Read more