I have had over 4,000 hours of supervised work throughout my career, but the group supervision sessions with Yannick have been uniquely powerful. Yannick is incredibly intuitive and is excellent at catching incongruences between words and body language, as well as identifying the subtle implications of word choices. One of the most unique qualities of his supervision style is that you feel the discussion is somehow playful, easy, friendly, and lighthearted, even while discussing serious topics and experiencing very profound change. I have felt I could be completely transparent and think out loud with him and the group. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone without hesitation! Thank you, Yannick, for creating such a phenomenal supervision experience!
I completed a number of coaching sessions with Yannick over a period of 7 months. I can't thank him enough for his time, expertise and skill. Yannick walked side by side with me as I explored my world and current life experiences. Yannick was a true professional with his questioning and exploration of my world which lead to some remarkable breakthroughs and future life direction. Thank you Yannick, I deeply appreciate our work together!
I contacted Yannick after reading his book about existential coaching. I am currently engaged in a coaching apprenticeship. The training appeared quite basic, so I was looking for support to explore coaching from a more philosophical perspective. I approached Yannick looking for a combination of supervision, for my development as a coach, and coaching for my own personal development. Yannick was led by me in each session and switched, thoughtfully, from the role of supervisor to coach depending on what was more significant for me at that time. Yannicks open approach supported me in my development as a coach, an artist and personally, in ways that I did not forsee. A whole area of interest and insight into spiritual development has opened up for me. This is not something that Yannick focused on directly within the coaching, but he allowed space for me to explore and find what could feel right for me in my life. These journeys of discovery can be lonely and isolating at times and it has been helpful to have a solid person in the wings while I stumble towards the light.
Una Bennett
Mental health nurse
I've worked with Yannick for a year now and have hugely benefited from his supervision. He has helped me to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that were really holding me back and to develop my confidence and self belief. This has allowed me to grow my business and go from working full time for someone else to working three days a week for myself, doing work that I love. I always look forward to my sessions with Yannick and love his direct approach and style of questioning that challenges my unhelpful beliefs and assumptions. I would highly recommend working with Yannick, particularly if you are serious about levelling up and getting out of your own way.
Yannick has been my coaching supervisor for two years, and I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to other coaches. I was looking for a group supervision space in which I could think, reflect, be challenged and grow - and that's exactly what I got. Yannick has created a space in which I felt OK to be vulnerable, share fears and concerns, and be supported through exploring what's going on and why, and how I might respond. He has a perfect coach / supervisory style - always present, curious and caring. And this is echoed in the supervision groups he creates.
The first time I noticed Yannick was when I was studying for the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching. He wrote and curated the curriculum for ACIC, so I saw a lot of his videos and teaching materials. I remember being pleasantly surprised by his combination of existential coaching (my first love) and positive psychology (my second love). As a coaching psychologist in Amsterdam, I try to combine both approaches and grow my practice. At that time, I had recently transitioned from working as a business analyst in an international company to my own private practice. As a father of two college daughters who still depend on me financially, I was very motivated to make my practice a financial success as well. Since Yannick is also a skilled supervisor in this area, I did not hesitate to ask him to become my supervisor. This has really paid off on all fronts. The monthly sessions over a period of 1 1/12 years have really helped me achieve my goals. First, my practice is thriving, which is great. Second, Yannick's supervision reconnected me with my first love, which was an existential approach to my coaching. Thirdly, I am now really excited about combining my different skills (psychologist, business experience, coaching, existentialism and helping people give meaning to their lives). It's a wonderful world out there. Thank you Yannick, for inspiring me again.
Even the most exceptional athletes and sports professionals have coaches, let alone those at the start of their performance journey. As someone passionate about coaching, I realised that the inherent blocks and blind spots holding me back could only be identified with the support of an expert supervisor and coach. Yannick does exactly this. Creating the ideal safe space, he allowed me in small supervision groups to share my journey and grow in the most organic way possible; by coming to the answers myself, applying them in real life and coming back to the group to share my progress and evolution. With around a year of experience working with Yannick, I’ve grown incredibly in ways beyond ‘coaching’. I’ve improved my level of self-belief and confidence in my own abilities. The single most valuable takeaway – was the continuous and consistent belief in my best self that Yannick provided. To have someone, once a month, speak to you like you’re the best coach in the world (even though at times, having no paid clients), has a bizarre empowering and energising effect in all areas of my life. Fundamentally, coaching is about relationships – to the extent you understand, can be present with, and guide others to a level of self-awareness (that leads to life changes). Rocket Supervision with Yannick helped me build this muscle, which applies to all relationships that reach way beyond coaching clients, for which I am very grateful. In my consulting ‘day job’ I’ve been able to generate significant income as well as creating new coaching clients as a result. I would highly recommend working with Yannick, provided you are committed to growing as a Coach and willing to do the inner and outer work necessary.
I started working with Yannick in 2021 for both supervision and business mentorship through his 1:1 Rocket Supervision program. Yannick helped me to see strengths within myself that I couldn’t see before or perhaps that I was taking for granted. Through our work I developed a new level of confidence in what I uniquely bring to the table for my clients and the messages I want to get across. He also taught me the invaluable skill of slowing down to notice my progress and growth. On top of the growth I saw within myself, my business started picking up more and more momentum as I continued to show up with more clarity and confidence. Highly recommend Yannick’s Rocket Supervision, the Coaching Cabinet and the Coaching Lab to anyone looking to grow their business and develop their skills as a coach. Thank you so much Yannick!
I was looking for a positive psychology coach supervisor with an existential lens and Yannick fit that and more!

He has been referred to as a rockstar by some coaches I'm friendly with... and I reckon it has to do with his no bs, grounded, authentic and open style. He brings a critical perspective to coaching and positive psychology and has challenged me in the most rewarding ways.

The supervision group I have been so appreciative of has been no cap, life-changing. Through some of the most difficult personal times, I felt heard and seen and that the best interests of my clients (and I) were respected and honored. Reflecting as a coach can be vulnerable and challenging - and Yannick's supervision space supported my learning and development in a way that mattered most to me. Overall, I was stretched, I grew in confidence, and expanded my professional and ethical skills. With an amazing group of talented coaches.
I really love supervision with you. You’re the only supervisor I’ve been moved to tears by… who I’ve been able to cry with. I really feel you see the real me, down to my core, which is an exhilarating ride of vulnerability, exposure, and comfort. With you, over the years, I’ve grown in confidence, style, and standing in my work. Thank you.
Oh, how wonderfully challenging it is to put in words what I have experienced, thus how much I have grown and evolved (holistically) since being with Yannick Jacob’s Rocket Supervision Group. The monthly supervision sessions with Yannick (plus with a very special bunch of other participants) were not only eye/mind-opening, but most importantly, they were extremely emotionally and authentically. The sessions’ deep-rooted impact on my personal growth keeps still shifting my coaching way of being, and therefore, benefitting both my personal/professional wellbeing.

I would describe my experience as a combination of coaching, therapy, supervision, counselling, conversation, creation, fun, and play. Yannick’s positive and sincere affirmations and his ability to see and support everyone’s unique characteristics and strengths, made me really reflect myself on another level, and therefore, work on aspects I did not even want to face before the Rocket Supervision. Yannick’s incredibly valuable observations, reflections, questions, and the way he was holding the space made every session more than a ‘supervision’. It was a space to be validated based on however I was ‘being’ in the moment.

The “un-seriousness” , fun, re-creation, and non-judgemental way of operating was deeply supported by the presence of the whole group. I have become much more vulnerable, whole, transparent, and honest as Sandra, since joining to the supervision group.

Our mutually shared acceptance, approval, connection, and wisdom as a group was strongly facilitated by Yannick himself: it felt as if we were all ONE, instead of 5 separate individuals. All of us brought our own unique spice into the space, which was always a combination of open exploration, reflection, offloading, questioning, holistic solving, and thought-provoking, gentle and necessary challenging. Our unique stories, knowledge, personality, and experience all resulted into highly respected atmosphere and willingness to learn from others.

The magic was created together, Yannick being the facilitative wizard amongst us, leaving an eternal trace to my developing self; via observing, listening, and giving the feeling of always being heard, in the space of us as experienced real life-experts who coach people.

I feel extremely grateful, actually honoured to have share the past year with our Rocket Supervision group, who has been open to accept me, encourage me, challenge, question, and support my journey into my real self and into whom I want to become as Sandra and as a Coach. I want to share a very special acknowledgement to every single Rocket in the group: I have taken unexpected leaps in life ever since, and the journey if only about to continue!
I consider my engagement with Yannick to be the best investment I have made for my coaching business so far.

His guidance and support have helped me build my practice from the ground up, taking into account both the coaching and business aspect of it.

He is sharp and kind, knowledgeable and experienced. He gives me space to think and guides me through the process of growth, without ever taking the driver’s seat, adapting to what I need in order to move forward.

Also, he has so many resources and additional support beyond the session that makes me feel even more accompanied during my path. I feel grateful for having encountered him along this journey.
Highly recommend. I joined one of Yannick’s Supervision of Supervisor groups shortly after qualifying as a supervisor through ICCS and was immediately glad I did. I was looking for support, accountability and challenge: Yannick is skilful at creating a safe space encompassing all three. He is adept at navigating the line between facilitating contributions from the group and sharing his own perspectives and incredibly good at offering meaningful feedback with warmth and humour. This creates fertile ground for new insights, as well as a really enjoyable group learning space. I highly recommend him as a supervisor – he has so much to offer and does so generously.
Dr Susy Stirling
Coaching Lead & Supervisor, NHS
Yannick brought together compassion, sensitivity, listening and space. All provided me with the opportunity, over 6 sessions, to make ground with some difficult choices, which I came to on my own with support from Yannick. He has a vibrancy and energy that is infectious.
I have deep appreciation for the support, encouragement and challenge that Yannick gave me in the 12 months we worked together, and he was a key part of why my year went as well as I wanted it to.

What I particularly valued was his responsiveness and willingness to move at the pace and in a direction that best served me, particularly the flexibility of session time, such that I always felt I had got what I needed. We could work at a practical/tactical/problem solving level (for example, when I was finishing my MAPPCP and making a plan for my research while also working) or at a values, identity level. And he brought the same level of encouragement and enthusiasm to each.

I also appreciated his recognition of body/mind/spirit connections and how he tapped into voice and gestures. Everything was a welcome invitation.

Yannick always greeted me with a smile and I felt a sense of ease, regardless of what might have been happening for me ahead of our sessions.

I am working with someone else this year and fully anticipate returning to Yannick again, if I can get a slot 😉
I joined Yannick’s Rocket Supervision group as I was at a bit of a crossroads in my professional journey and wanted to connect with other like-minded coaches. I was looking for a mixture of support, mentoring and shared accountability.

I immediately felt welcome in the group, and bonded quickly with the other members. Yannick held the space perfectly, with a lovely balance of discussion, coaching, knowledge sharing and gentle challenge.

Working with Yannick and the group helped me to identify the common thread running through my work, and gave me clarity on what truly motivated me, enabling me to take steps forward. I also enjoyed supporting the other members with their own challenges, and the group coaching aspect felt very powerful.

I highly recommend working with Yannick and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the collaborative space he creates.
I am passionate about positive psychology coaching, and I reached out to Yannick for coaching supervision to support my positive psychology strength-based career coaching practice. I needed support that make my practice better and also I was struggling with changing my targeted clients and not confident enough if this is the right thing to do. Yannick has a way of helping you tap into what suits you as a person and what profession fits your personality without interfering in your choices. He is an expert in spotting the issue and asking the tough questions that make you think and say ‘A-haa’. These kinds of questions challenge you to think out of the box. I enjoyed being in Yannick’s coaching supervision group and was influenced by his continuous encouragement and support, it was a safety platform to ask questions and introduce ideas without judgment.

I have developed my coaching knowledge that will help me to achieve my new coaching practice plans. Yannick has a very nice friendly personality that enables you to feel comfortable and more engaged in group discussions. I highly recommend him as a coach, a supervisor, and a mentor.
Samar Siala
Samar Siala
Career Coach, Career Scanner, Netherlands
I reached out to Yannick for coaching supervision as I was just setting up my own practice. I wasn’t sure where to start or what kind of coach I wanted to be, and I was struggling with confidence levels. Yannick has a way of helping you tap in to who you are as a person and/or coach, with the perfect balance of curiosity, encouragement, enthusiasm, responsibility, support, and a lack of fear to ask the tough questions – the ones that challenge you and facilitate a growth that tears you at the seams in the best way possible! I have developed the accountability I hold as coach towards my clients, as well as an understanding of the people I want to coach. I have gained unsurmountable knowledge around coaching and a confidence that I know will lead me to accomplish all of the things I want to within my coaching practice. Above all, Yannick has enabled me to have a very clear direction and purpose within my life and has held a space so beautifully for me to be exactly who I am in this process of self discovery and growth. I highly recommend him, as a coach, a supervisor, a mentor, and an amazing human being. I appreciate you, Yannick!
Elena Iacobita
Elena Iacobita
Hi , I really enjoyed attending this supervision group . At times I felt challenged but in a way that allowed me to bring curiousity rather than judgement . I found support there that strengthened my practise and solid group members who had empathy and interest in my work. I found the time sometimes difficult, especially if I had a busy day ,but it always ended up in a stimulating time .. I would recommend joining this group with Yannick and colleagues . It is safe and creativity and a great place to expand and reflect on your practice
Rosie mc Guigan
Coach and Counsellor, Counselling and Coaching Practise, South Wales
Working with Yannick was a joy. He is an experienced, knowledgeable and authentic coach who provides the space, time and reflection for me to identify for themselves. facilitating group conversations or 1:1, his style is relaxed, affirming and empowering. If you are considering him for coaching or coaching supervision, I can highly recommend his services.
Jackie Perkins
Coach, Jackie Perkins, UK
For the past year, I have been a member of a supervision group, facilitated by Yannick Jacob. Yannick ensures that there is harmony in the group and that everyone is heard. I thoroughly enjoyed these monthly sessions and I have been inspired by my peers to look at any coaching challenge through a different lens, whilst learning from challenges brought to supervision by the other members of the group.
First of all: Yannick is a fun person to work with. He has a very active and creative mind to harness his solid and thorough knowledge of his field of expertise. He is good at both listening and giving advice, as well as anything in between.

I met Yannick by chance at a Pub Psychology event. His honest interest in what I was doing and his astute advices left a mark on me. It was a few years later that I got back in touch with him.

Yannick was the perfect person for me at the perfect time. He introduced me to coaching, helped me develop my coaching skills while also inspired me to reflect on where I was at personally. With his skilled and sensitive support, I went from tiny dreams to big plans. I recommend him full-heartedly.
Male Client
Tamás FREY
As a former student of Yannick at the UEL, I was happy to hear that he also does small scale group supervision sessions. As a novice coach these sessions gave me a lot of value, not just from hearing Yannick’s wise words, but also from reflecting our coaching experiences with a few other novice coaches. The learning curve in this group supervision is definitely steeper than in an individual supervision. This is thanks to the way Yannick carefully selects the group and makes it an open and safe space to reflect and learn. I can warmly recommend the group supervision with Yannick!
Genuine professional quality!! As a coaching lecturer at the University of East London Yannick was so inspiring and engaging that I fell in love with existential coaching, which deeply informs my theoretical approach. When it was time to find a supervisor Yannick was the easy choice and he has proved to be sensitive, passionate, and genuine, really good at holding the space for all, and always showing a good balance between listening and questioning or sharing. As a supervisor Yannick has supported me so much in identifying and dropping assumptions, clarifying my identity and increasing my confidence as a coach. I am also attending his monthly coaching labs which are such a contribution to the coaching community.

Thank you Yannick for being an excellent professional, for being an example to follow, so grounded and authentic. I highly recommend Yannick as a teacher, supervisor and facilitator.
Ana Caton
Ana Caton
Life Coach, London
Any coach who mashes up existentialism and positive psychology would snag my attention. Yannick, whose clear, versatile way of speaking about coaching – as an academic discipline, as a practical means of transforming lives and as an ever-evolving multi-disciplinary practice – did more than snag my attention: He grabbed it and held on.

In working with him over 5 months, our conversations covered a wide landscape of the human condition – meaning making, death, belonging, commitment, the list goes on. Everything I brought, Yannick welcomed, in stride, and helped transform into a topic of everyday, practical concern. Just what I wanted and needed. I don’t know how he did it!

In Yannick, I have discovered a fellow human being who demonstrates bottomless curiosity, patience, kindness and openness with his clients and who is fiercely committed to his client’s agenda (and to returning to it when his client is like a balloon losing air).

Without doubt, I am wiser, more open and more engaged in my life as a result of working with Yannick.

What are you waiting for?
Eric Larson
Eric Larson
Coach, Minneapolis, MN, USA
I’ve just finished Yannick’s week-long intensive course on Existential coaching skills. To say it was amazing would probably be an understatement. It was challenging, inspiring, thought-provoking, informative, warm, engaging, collaborative and great fun. Yannick’s teaching style is dynamic and stimulating; his feedback positive and encouraging and his insights really useful. Along with other members of the group, I thought that Yannick was extremely generous in sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and feel that I learned a lot – now to try to put some of that learning into practice!
Hi Yannick, this past week with you as our facilitator has been so inspiring. I learned a lot and really appreciated your positive and thoughtful inputs. You’re passionate about what you’re doing, and what more can I expect from my tutor, thank you!
I have greatly benefited from Yannick’s training. His way of communicating made me feel comfortable in the learning environment, and his teaching methods were very insightful. I am now looking for further opportunities to work with him, and I highly recommend his services.
Having been inspired by Yannick as a lecturer, he was the obvious choice for me when I was looking for a supervisor. I choose his group Rocket Supervison that had both a focus on business and coaching supervision. Yannick brought so much experience and inspiration to the group and knew when to listen, when to question, when to be still and when to push; everything I needed from a supervisor. He held the group space well making sure everyone was heard and listened to. Being able to share those experiences with other coaches in a group session was so beneficial. I learnt lots and really grew as a coach, developing self awareness and confidence. Yannick comes highly recommended. He is an all round great guy!
Yannick is a gift to the coaching world. His warm personality makes it easy to talk with him and his expertise makes him an invaluable sounding board for any challenge one might be facing. He is great at holding space and offering insight and feedback without imposing his beliefs. I am grateful to have been part of his Rocket Supervision Group and can recommend him to anyone!
Before I started working with Yannick, I was a bit lost with the business side of my coaching, but I also was facing various personal challenges.

The reason that I contacted Yannick was that I had seen his videos and online lectures around existentialism and coaching in general and I felt that our energies resonate.

And I was right!
Even after the consultation session, I felt very energized, motivated and positive that my life can change. The process of working with Yannick was pleasant and enjoyable, and I was looking forward to discussing with Yannick every single time. He is open-minded and brings to the sessions very interesting questions and tips that helped a lot my thinking process.

I have to say that my business progressed in levels I was not imagining before, only within a few sessions. And regarding my personal challenges, I managed to solve them or at least had a clear idea of what I had to face myself in order to bring the changes that I was longing.

If you are considering working with Yannick, I would suggest you arrange a consultation and see for yourself how this amazing coach can help you transform your life.

Thank you very much Yannick for the time we spend together, that was invaluable!
Yannick is a fantastic supervisor and coach. Incredibly knowledgable, compassionate, attentive – and also fun to work with. The amount of training and studying he has done clearly shows in his coaching (he has a Masters in Existential Coaching and Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology). It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been coached by him!
My first contact with Yannick was when he was my course leader in my first coaching module of my MAPPCP. He’s amazingly knowledgeable as well as super engaging – I gained more than I could have expected in his module!

So when the opportunity came up to join one of his Rocket Supervision groups I jumped at it. Being part of an intimate group of wonderful coaches who are focused on developing our positive psychology coaching businesses, along with Yannick’s mentoring and support, has allowed me to sharpen my niche, establish clear and healthy boundaries, reflect on my performance and how I manage challenging situations and develop creative and authentic ways in which I apply positive psychology to my coaching.

Thank you so much Yannick! You’ve helped me become better at something that I love, and for that I’ll always be grateful!
I’ll be forever grateful for your inspirational teaching at UEL and the coaching you provided me which I described to others as ‘clearing the skeletons out my cupboard so I could be an effective coach’! Your energy in the first MAPPCP module Evidence-based Coaching definitely played a role in my motivation/path to becoming a coach (I don’t think I genuinely thought I would do it when I first signed up to the course but it was hard not to after your teaching!) so thank you for being an inspiring human being and for teaching me well!
Yannick has played an incredible role in providing me with clarity – which is exactly where I needed to be. His positive enthusiasm and direct nature was really a breath of fresh air. He asked thought provoking questions, challenged the status quo and really helped me think about the important ‘stuff’ that will guide me a to a prosperous future. I look forward to more sessions!
Lani Parrocha
Lani Parrocha
People Geek, Culture Amp
Before I started my coaching journey with Yannick I didn’t know what my coaching niche was, wasn’t sure how to create a coaching business and was scared to put myself ‘out there’. I had just finished my Diploma in Transformational Coaching and was torn between an easy but boring direction for my coaching and where my passion lies in relationship coaching and writing, but was scared of adopting new behaviours that would help me attract my ideal clients. During my coaching journey with Yannick I discovered my coaching niche and grew in self confidence in order to stretch further and further outside my comfort zone: giving talks, delivering workshops, talking live on radio, recording my first podcast and venturing into live video streaming. I have taken about 80% more action on my business as a result of being coached. I am stepping into my power and understand the value I bring to coaching. I have found clients who I love working with and I know what my next steps are. I have also learnt to create a life I love where I balance work and play. Thank you Yannick for your patience, helpful pointers and incredible positivity. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
I have worked 1-to-1 for the past year with Yannick and I cannot say where I’d be right now without his support. Although I have many years of experience supporting others through change, I really needed guidance in establishing the foundations of a workable business. Crucially, our process has enabled me to express my mission as a marketable offer and identify ways in which I can connect with my audience. Yannick enabled me to create the structure I needed to find my way forward, giving me lots of insight into the experience of other coaches along the way. He is also a fun guy and a pleasure to work with(!), and equally very generous with his time and in sharing his knowledge. I would highly recommend Yannick and his service.
Having enjoyed regular supervision sessions with Yannick over the last year I really can’t imagine working as a coach without having some form of coaching supervision. I am currently a member of one of Yannick’s supervision groups and I always look forward eagerly to our monthly sessions. Yannick facilitates the group in such a way that every session is relevant to all the participants. It is wonderful to benefit from the experience and wisdom of not only Yannick, but also the other coaches in the group. It is such a privilege to have the space to reflect on my coaching work – but I know that unless I give myself this time and space there is a real risk I could become stagnant in my approach to coaching. When a challenge comes up for me in my client work I find that I am much better able to ‘park it’ and stay focused on the client because I know I will have the opportunity to explore it at my next supervision session
Supervision Group Member Coach
Thank you for holding this space for me yesterday. I would like to share that since our discussion something new emerged in me. I manage for the first time to approach my self as I am. No need for titles, no need for roles, no need for proofs or explanations in this sense. A profound acceptance and understanding of my naked self has emerged. I am grateful!
Supervisee Coach Greece
Yannick supervised my coaching practice in its infancy, during 2016-17. His thoughtful and positive style of supervision really helped me to get a handle on my strengths as a coach and more importantly, to believe in them. Having Yannick to refer to, whatever the question or concern, was hugely developmental: I would recommend him to anyone who wants to push their coaching practice to new levels of impact.
Supervisee Coach UK
Having recently joined the group, I have found it to be extremely beneficial for my personal development as a coach. I’ve found an environment where I can be honest about where I am at, and share my experience with others. Recently I have had a couple of difficult moments within my coaching journey and having this group has allowed me to share this with experienced practitioners and get essential feedback. Would highly recommend.
I want to share my experiences with others who might be considering Yannick’s Supervision Groups. First, my advice would be: Do it! I could give you a thousand reasons why. But here’s my top 3: • Confidence. As we grow as coaches, face new client challenges, try new things, our confidence can be rattled. Having Yannick and the group there to challenge me has no doubt made me feel more confident to take bigger risks. • Overcoming personal challenges. Our shit gets in the way. Yannick calls it like it is. But in a gentle way. He helped me to reframe a major challenge that was getting in the way of growing my business. Which enabled me to shift my perspective. And we all know we’re shift junkies. • Finding my value. This is the BIG One! Being part of the Existential group confirmed my suspicions—that Existential Coaching is my calling! However, believing in something doesn’t automatically mean we can communicate it (i.e. our value) effectively to clients. The group gave me the space/time/tools to do just that. Having the space to think, ponder, test, expand ideas, helped me to see the value I offer to my clients. Without value …well, we all know what that means.
Our session and your attitude was beyond my wildest expectations even though I was already convinced from the time I first met you that you would be the right person to guide me. Thank you!
Hi Yannick, I can’t believe your leaving UEL. That is a huge loss. You have been so instrumental in my growth and development as a positive psychology coach. It will be great to touch base when your free as I always look forward to speaking with you.
I feel very privileged to have had Yannick as my tutor at the UEL. I found his teaching so informative and inspirational. Yannick, your generosity and enthusiasm encouraged me to ‘jump in and coach’, gave me a hungry appetite to read and read more, to discover and understand the practice of Coaching. The results of this work have increased my feeling of self-worth and confirmed my ambition to keep working on-going to be a great coach.
I have been working with Yannick for just over 6 months. When I started I felt a little lost and was worried about whether I was doing this coaching thing ‘properly’, how I was going to attract clients and how I was going to meet my desired financial and lifestyle outcomes. With Yannick’s patient support and intelligent insight I soon realised that I already have a brilliant lifestyle and that financial targets aren’t really the driving factor behind my coaching – I actually just want to save the world (well maybe just the NHS!) I’ve now developed a coaching programme that I truly believe in and a style that feels authentic to me. Plus I have a waiting list for 1-2-1 clients and an almost fully booked group workshop starting next week. Most importantly I’ve stopped worrying about the destination and I’m just loving the journey – Thanks Yannick!
I have been and still am in Yannick’s monthly Supervision Group and every time I walk out with more clarity and amazing resources to support me in my coaching practice. The energy in the supervision allows me to feel really comfortable within the space. It’s free flowing and structured at the same time making sure we get the most out of the time together. The space allows us to give and receive feedback from a non-judgemental place, allowing critical thinking to happen. Yannick’s insights and perspectives challenge my thinking and understanding about given subjects really beautifully and I can’t thank him enough for providing us with this space!
Yannick is an inspirational trainer and coach who brings psychological and philosophical rigour to his practice – plus bags of energy, intellect and emotional connection. He uses this masterfully to support and empathically challenge his students and clients to deliver positive cognitive, emotional and behavioural shifts. Yannick’s approach brings individuals face-to-face with the profound questions of our existence, helping them confront the challenge of defining and achieving a life well-lived. I throughly recommend his services.
I have done two weekend trainings with Yannick, Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching. Each time I was struck by the unexpected – the way the discussion is allowed to develop means that surprising and unique connections are made between ideas and personalities and excellent and profound use is mined from all the experience in the room. Definitely recommended!
The Existential Coaching weekend was really powerful for me as a coach to deepen my skill set and attitude both for myself and for my clients. The content, learning and exercises were excellent and I feel confident to integrate what we covered into my practice immediately. Thanks so much Yannick for a positive and enlightening event.
I’m not the easiest person to coach. Being a life coach myself I often feel very aware of others coaches’ choices in how they lead the conversation, and my own daily practice of reflection and self-questioning meant I had done a lot of pre-work. I wanted someone who would take me to new places I hadn’t yet looked up, help me discover my own paradigm of the world, challenge it and help me connect the dots of my thinking and behaviour. And find and uncover the depth of my blind spots. Our sessions were long and we covered a lot of ground each time, but I never got the sense that Yannick wasn’t with me. I need a lot of space to think, and Yannick gave me this safe space whilst showing a deep presence and lots of curiosity. I felt truly heard. He provided me the right balance of showing empathy and challenge. I felt I came to him with a lot on my plate. Completing my coach training, running another business that I loved but involved so many spinning plates, and working through a lot of fatigue and stress that was affecting my health. I needed clarity, and more balance so I could make the best decisions. Coaching is something I feel that is often under appreciated. More than anything, Yannick helped me tap into my intuition which had the answers about what I needed to do. The fact he did this with what felt like natural ease, highlights his expertise in this area. It felt like chatting to a friend – we felt on the same wavelength – and he brought all of himself to the session, which then also allowed me to express all my quirks too. The result of our coaching? More clarity about who I am, what I want and what I can do to achieve this. We worked through a lot of limiting beliefs, he helped me realise what I really craved and needed in my life such that by the 6th session I had finally made a decision to change something in my life that I had been wanting to do for 3-4 years. And I can’t wait to implement it! Thanks, Yannick. I would absolutely work with Yannick again in the future.
I need to express my gratitude, I really enjoyed being taught by you as part of the MSc Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Honestly! You have been an excellent coaching role model to all of us in so many ways. Thank you!
Yannick is the best!! I just finished Yannick’s Evidence-Based Coaching course as part of a master’s program at the University of East London and highly recommend anyone and everyone to explore the opportunity. Yannick’s class offered insight into different coaching approaches, psychological models, and guided us in discovering and developing our own authentic coaching styles. Yannick’s focus on applied practice in class, allowed us to transfer what we learned into immediate action and has enabled me to develop my own coaching business. If you’re looking for a coaching course that taps into your inner potential, this is the program for you! Thank you, Yannick!
I found the Existential Coaching weekend delivered by Yannick thought-provoking and enjoyable. The exploration of the subject brought what I have previously read to life, especially enhanced by the creative and positive group dynamic. This weekend confirmed for me the benefit of meeting with others, in a group setting, and continuing the existential conversation.
I learned so much from you in my coach training and would just like to say a big thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of your sessions and your in-depth knowledge. I hope that may be one day I will be where you are. May your future be bright, authentic, and serve your greatest good.
Yannick is a highly knowledgeable authority on many approaches to coaching and his training sessions are pratical, informative and the substance can be actioned immediately
My 121 fast track existential coaching session was incredible. I did not move for 3 hours [from my computer screen], it was spellbinding! I had read Yannick’s materials before the call, and Monica Hanaway’s book on Existential Leadership. This preparation meant I was truly consolidating my learning rather than starting afresh. I think this added to the intensity, speed and depth of the session. I tend to work and learn fast and go quite deeply anyway, and Yannick totally kept pace with me. In every area I discussed, he offered such depth and insight that only comes from truly knowing the subject. At one point he was coaching me through my own concerns about working with clients in the area of meaninglessness of life, and this was a very powerful coaching session where I got to experience being existentially-coached. (I’d say a coaching session with Yannick, where you are exploring the existential methodology, is worth it’s weight in gold!) The morning after I worked with 2 clients using the techniques, and both sessions were extraordinary in their connectedness, depth, and insight. The clients said they moved forwards with greater clarity and self-awareness than before, and felt prepared to deal with the challenges they were facing. While I know this outcome is possible from normal coaching, to me the positive existential lens was way more powerful and has added a strength and depth to my work. Thank you Yannick!
Yannick has enabled and empowered me to shape my personal life and career in ways I didn’t realize were possible. He is my trusted coach; equally compassionate and brilliant. On a personal level, I have fostered stronger relationships with the people I care about and have unlocked resources that have afforded me the financial security I had dreamed of. Yannick’s ability to help me take control of my career has perhaps been the most life changing. With coaching, I have propelled myself into my dream career as the Head of Diversity of Inclusion at a global company. I am practicing mindfulness, vulnerability, and purpose on a daily basis; and it’s enabled me to have the power, ownership, and support to further my career and life purpose. Coaching will be an important, on-going part of my life and I am thrilled to tell others about my positive experiences with Yannick.
Yannick has been instrumental in the further development of my executive coaching capabilities in the areas of Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching. These developments were received through formal training, dedicated one-to-one work and in-depth work through the coaching approach. As a coach I have found that he has an innate ability to make me feel at ease while we explore some of the deeper issues of the development of my coaching practice as well as to help me to explore the existential issues that are emerging. He is singularly gifted and I would unquestioningly recommend him as a coach and an educator.
**This is a vulnerable and yet courageous post** Last Friday, for the first time I managed to grab a ticket to attend the monthly “Creative Mornings” breakfast. The theme was COURAGE, and the talk was amazing! Little I knew about the structure of these events, and it turns that once the talk is over, attendants have the opportunity to grab the microphone to ask for help, share an idea, ask for a job, anything. All shaky and nervous I stood up and grabbed that microphone courageously. And with few, clear and jokey words I talked about “Cool as a cucumber”. A project that I started not that long ago aiming to reshape the meaning of being cool and empower people to take the time to understand who they are, do more stuff that they like and feel cool about it! Oh boy, it felt so good, like I was conquering the world hahaha! As soon as the event ended I grabbed my mobile and sent a voice message to my amazing coach Yannick Jacob And why is this post also vulnerable? Well, when I started to work with Yannick it was because of a huge fear of being out there. Even posts like this make me feel exposed and self-conscious, but I’m here doing it anyway! Life is good!
I signed up with Yannick following the decision to leave a long-term job at PwC and take up a more senior leadership position at Business in the Community. Yannick’s style is easygoing but extremely effective – he’s brilliantly insightful and made me see things about myself that I hadn’t seen before. He’s able to hold a mirror up to my behaviour and habits in order to help me make changes where necessary and helped me build a lot of confidence before starting my new role. Now that I’ve started my role, I have no doubt that Yannick will help me develop, be the leader I know I can be, in a much more authentic way.
The lectures and coaching practice on Saturday were a revelation for me in many aspects. I was truly inspired by your demonstration especially by the authenticity that you approached your coachee with, as well as by my readings on Rogers, and my effort to integrate these elements in sessions has already proved very beneficial for both myself and the clients. I really felt that the humanistic approach is where we start being coaches rather than just doing coaching. I take away three important realizations: – Making assumptions about others, events, situations hinders my genuine curiosity and interest about others, and more importantly creates blind spots in my perception as a person and as a coach. I am an analytical type of person, and I have come to realize that although it is beneficial to some extent to maintain this trait for certain aspects of my life and work, this way of thinking and being influences my relationship with the client and the overall process. Acknowledging this during Saturday has been very insightful and liberating. – Being present in the moment, in full contact with my thoughts, feelings, emotions, can have a very powerful effect in the coaching session. It enriches the unconditional empathy, positive regard towards the coachee and our relationship, and also facilitates the coaching process by making it more real. What I had been lacking for almost two years now since I started coaching professionally after my first accredited diploma – and was offered by this module, Yannick’s demo and the peer practice– is this sense of being congruent with my own experience and just being myself with a person in a session.Not to enter the role of the coach, not to sort of positively organize myself prior to a session, but to actually be myself in the session. – To take it a step further, sharing my own experience in the present moment as a response to the coachee’s words etc. is another way to be myself in the session, but also affects in a deeper, more dynamic way the interaction with the client. By accepting who I am and how I feel in any given moment creates a space for the client to be accepted and understood. It is fascinating to bring into play all these elements and balance other aspects of coaching such as the process models, interventions and so on. Best, Virginia
When I arrived on Yannick’s doorstep I was like a bird with a broken wing. Having experienced a major personal setback two years earlier that I had largely overcome in an emotional sense, I was still working my way back up from rock bottom in a practical sense. I had big dreams and ideas for my career and purpose in life but I was suffering from a major case of ‘imposter syndrome’, low confidence, low self-esteem and I was really struggling with my self-identity. If I wanted to achieve my goals and potential, I had to face my fears head on. I was somewhat ambivalent about being coached by a male, mainly because a part of my vision was heavily focused on promoting gender parity and equality at work but Yannick always operated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I knew I would be just fine with Yannick when on introducing myself, he saluted me for being a single parent of a boy and spoke proudly about the women in his life including his fiancé and mother. He approaches all topics with a very open-minded and inquisitive nature and it was clear he would support me with my cause. This lay the foundations for our coaching relationship and any concerns I had about choosing the right coach were quickly dispelled. It was uncomfortable at first; speaking about my goals, challenges and ideas with a total stranger. Coaching requires you to expose your vulnerabilities and I was not one to do ‘vulnerable’. But I quickly built trust with Yannick as he listens without judgment and offers honest and impartial feedback. Over time, his feedback made me realise that my ideas were not strange and quirky as I had originally thought but valid, insightful and potentially very valuable. Yannick approaches his interactions with a great deal of care and caution; always open, with unconditional positive regard and just the right amount of humour to put me at ease. He helped me identify and overcome some limiting, negative thinking patterns as well as incongruences in my beliefs that were preventing me from identifying with myself and moving forward. When I began my coaching journey, I felt like I didn’t have the intellectual and professional knowledge to move forward with setting up my own coaching practice independently but through the coaching I identified a unique niche to focus on and combined with Yannick’s professional knowledge and wisdom I was able to develop confidence in taking steps forward. Yannick also helped me to appreciate and recognise my own strengths and I realised that I have valuable tools, knowledge, experience and wisdom of my own to draw upon as I embark on this professional journey. I also learned that if I didn’t have the answers, that was ok and I knew how to find the answers. A clear sign that the coaching had made an impact is when I published a professional article about my career on social media (a milestone in itself) which was met with a critical comment by a professional sceptic. Anyone who has suffered from imposter syndrome will know well the emotional turmoil that usually comes with this type of interaction. Instead of doubting myself or feeling worried, I was able to stand firm and put the critic ‘back in their box’ with a few swift statements of facts and questions. I was confident in the technical accuracy of my article, confident in my viewpoints and therefore rather than fear criticism, I was keen to hear it so that I could develop more. So there it was, I was ready! Through the coaching, I achieved a much clearer idea of where I wanted to go, my core purpose and values and what I needed to do (or not do) to achieve my goals. I also feel that it was critical for me to experience my own coaching journey so that I could understand and appreciate what it feels like for my own clients. While I have studied the theory and read about what is most important to a paying coaching client, nothing can replace the actual experience of being a coachee and I now have a much better idea of how I can support my own clients through their coaching journeys, regardless of who they are or what challenges they face. To summarise, the coaching goes down as one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve ever made in my life; second to having laser eye surgery to correct my eyesight to 20/20 which in terms of quality of life, is worth way more than the money I paid for the service. I no longer feel like an ‘imposter’ and I gained the confidence and tools to deal with any challenges that may arise as I embark on my professional journey, and that is priceless. My wing was fixed and I was ready to fly again. So off I went to soar with the eagles 😉
I have spent the last 28 years contemplating the meaning of my life, and events within my story. I have felt that I don’t belong. I have been sensitive to the existential anxiety (which I couldn’t name), and been unable to embrace life. This weekend I shared a room with people who shared my curiosity about Existentialism, most particularly in a Coaching environment. My learning curve was immense, but Yannick’s gentle, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and organic delivery made the learning easy to absorb. Not that the subject matter is simple but everything I heard was clarifying my own jumbled, unformed thoughts and ideas so that I left the room understanding, on such a deep level. I still feel a little overwhelmed by this jam-packed weekend and know that my learning has just become as I seek the language to communicate with others and my clients. My observation of and interaction with people, and my tolerance of my own and their Dilemmas will, I believe, be life changing for me. Thank you Yannick for reaching out, for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for delivering it in such an accessible way.
I was reflecting on the highlights of 2017 and the coaching module Yannick taught last term on MAPPCP was certainly one of the highlights of the year. I wanted to say thank you very much, it was a great experience that resonated with me very strongly and your enthusiasm for the subject was an extremely valuable contributor to the experience as a student! Thank you! 🙂
Yannick. Existentialism. Mind. BLOWN. Fuck yes!
Thanks for being that guy that gets life. Someone super interesting and interested in everything. A great coach, conversationalist, mentor, friend, supervisor, teacher & life-liver. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have you as my supervisor on my journey. You are a purple cow. Stay in touch.
“It felt like I suppose what it must have felt like for the audience of Socrates
Dear Yannick. You are a true inspiration to me. Without you I would not be graduating in November! 🙂 You kept me going, you wanted me to make the most of my education, you were determined! Your guidance was clear and structured. You made sure I know that you are there for me yet you wanted me to accomplish my goals on my own. I learned so much from you! You are so knowledgeable, I asked so many questions and you knew the answers to all! This never ceased to amaze me. I really hope that we can work together in the future and that one day I can follow in your footsteps. Thank you for you, Judit
What an incredible weekend. I’ve been on an existential high for days. I learned an amazing amount about the philosophy and about myself.
Yannick’s passion and enthusiasm for his subject is immediately infectious. He is an incredibly engaging trainer and makes learning effortless. The content of the course and his delivery of it has had a huge impact on me; both personally in terms of my world view, and professionally in terms of my own coaching practice. Thank you Yannick – a truly inspiring and life-changing weekend of learning.
Thank you again for this super great session this morning. It really helped me a lot to have a clearer picture of what I want and to measure the potential of both opportunities I have on the table. I’ve made my decision, I’m happy with my choice and I am really grateful for this coaching opportunity!
Nicolas Longo
I have been selected as a coach on the government initiative to coach women teachers to become leaders. This would not have been possible without the excellent training I received from Yannick on my Masters degree. His knowledge, and how he distills this to his students is exceptional and through his lectures I have found a real passion for coaching and thirst for more knowledge to improve. Thanks Yannick!
Yannick is such a passionate and intelligent person. I thoroughly enjoyed his Existential coaching class because it opened my eyes and my thoughts. I appreciate that he was able to listen to other opinions and ideas besides his own. He gave us the open space to express ourselves and allowed us to ask difficult questions. He is a unique teacher and offers a lot knowledge and perspective. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class or experiencing a life coaching session with him. Thank you so much.
Jodi Wedeen
Coach and Reiki Healer
I was in a rather toxic relationship when I booked my first coaching session. I kind of felt I wanted to get out but I needed a push. Yannick didn’t push me but helped me a lot to dig deeper and get to the root of my unhappiness. His curiosity and heart-felt empathy led me to understand and make my own decision. I’m still glad I didn’t just follow somebody’s advice.
Julia S
Junior Project Manager
It’s been an amazing term. I’ve learned far more than I’m ever going to get across within the word limit [of the assignment] … much of which will continue to emerge way after the deadline. Thank you, Yannick. You’ve given me a belief in the coaching process (about which I had some resistance and skepticism) as well as a seed of belief that I can become a coach. Your enthusiasm and continual welcoming, fun, frank and open style is just great.
The time I was in your class was AMAZING!!!! You are a great teacher! and really helped bring the material to life and understanding.
Yannick, thank you for sharing your huge amount of knowledge in such an unpretentious, engaging and unique way. I’ve been feeling like Neo (the matrix) since I left on Sunday hahaha, downloading, updating and uninstalling useless things that I chose to “be”.
I was a student in your evidence based coaching class in 2016, and was especially grateful to experience your class in person. Because of your course, I was able to get a remote job as a leadership coach which is absolutely perfect for me. The interview included a mock coaching with a professional coach. All the methods I used to coach the coach I learned in your class! Your course has already paid off, even though I have much more to learn! Thank you for passing on your expertise, Yannick!
Krista Irmischer
Leadership Coach, BetterUp
Having Yannick as my coach has dramatically improved my work and personal life. Within just a few sessions, I had already leaped past hurdles that I had put in my way for years! His clear, rational perspective can help anybody see that some of our perceived weaknesses are actually our unique strengths. I always look forward to my coaching session with my Yannick and absolutely vouch for him as a mentor and coach.
Steven Huang
Strategist, Culture Amp, San Francisco, CA
Yannick was the perfect person to help me on my journey of discovery. As a teacher, his classes were thought provoking, challenging and thoroughly motivating. As a person, he is warm with a great sense of humour. Thank you
Daniel Mayhew
Career Coach, London
I was blown away by this course. Yannick was a great teacher, combining metaphor, case study and coaching as he was presenting the course. I learnt a lot more than I expected too and got some great personal shifts, massive changes to my coaching style and finally made the career change I had been putting off for 9 years. Money and time very well spent!
Existential Coaching… Or finding the place where we want to be… We have just finished an illuminating weekend of intense work with Yannick Jacob. The human and professional quality of all participants could not have been better. Yannick demonstrated again his abilities as a coach and as a moderator of a challenging topic. What is existential coaching about? We can say that it is looking deeply into the coachee’s life to decipher their most intimate concerns and values. However, the concept comprises much more than that. Existential coaching in my opinion, expresses what the transformational reflection and coaching are all about. It brings together the exploration of dilemmas and challenges within a framework that depicts many profound questions in life. Among the many things from our valuable discussion, a message was apparent: we don’t need to look for the meaning of our life “outside there”. We can live a meaningful life by really living what we have when we have it, and improving it when and how we choose. Congruence between purpose, values, actions and relationships can be achieved. However, the exploration of these dimensions needs time and a safe space to take place successfully. Coaches can facilitate this journey and assist many clients (and themselves), by bringing the existential perspective to the Coaching table. Then it could be possible to investigate dilemmas that may come from a lack of awareness and dis-alignment between the core dimensions of existence. The learnings from this weekend will definitely complete my coaching training. The learnings are useful to myself as a human being, useful in my general coaching practice, and especially useful in my coaching activity. I feel very happy of having this great opportunity to enhance my coaching and my life. Big thanks to Yannick!
Before embarking on this journey, I believed that I was very self-aware and that I knew who I was. Through these weeks I have been surprised by the revelations that I’ve had about myself. I have developed a new level of self-awareness.
I live from my art, from channelling my ideas and experiences into products through my own creative process. When I suffered a creative block, it threatened my whole existence. Yannick helped me to face my anxieties, to make a few difficult decisions and to stop avoiding life’s challenges. I am not happier than before, but I stopped running and now live my life to the fullest, something I always aspired to.
Model, Artist, Actress
Yannick is a most professional coach. Through him I realised what truly makes me happy and what does not matter so much. He’s got a very contagiously happy aura surrounding him. I really liked working with him and recommend him to anyone who is looking into being coached in wellbeing.
Ali Kurtze
Web, IT, Consultancy, Production
You 1000% get me enough to be able to reflect what I’m saying back so I have some distance to think. […] I have drafted and deleted 6 different emails to you, trying to thank you. I give up: none of them sound right. So I just want to say “Thank you”. You have given me quite a bit to think about. I especially like the existential take on this. It’s sparked a slew of journal writing.
I learned an enormous amount from your day with us at NSPC. Thanks for sharing your insights and experience.
Billy Byrn
Executive Coach and HR Consultant
Thank you Yannick, our conversations help me to understand that working under pressure is actually a strength and I can use it to my own advantage 🙂
I am starting to see conflict and anxiety in a new “positive” light 🙂
I learned so much from you in just 30 min! Thank you!
I didn’t quite know where I was going with my career. Yannick really helped me to clear my mind, assess my options and focus on what is truly important to me. I’ve made some really difficult decisions on the back of this and now actually enjoy going to work.
Lea S
Events Coordinator
I was facing a lawsuit I couldn’t afford to win. Yannick’s mediation skills helped us to resolve this misunderstanding in a few hours and saved us all a lot of time, money and nerves. Thanks!
Web Developer
“Yannick is a skilled, thoughtful and innovative practitioner, combining positive psychology and existentialism to create his own brand of coaching. Yannick blends phenomenology and dialectics to create a supportive yet challenging environment. I would highly recommend him.
Sasha Smith
Existential Coach
I can whole-heartedly recommend Yannick as a scholar, teacher, trainer and personal tutor for all areas related to happiness, wellbeing and personal & social development.
Jacqueline Boerefijn
Bevlogen at Positief Onderwijs
Yannick is an excellent listener and coach. Over several sessions he provided me with very practical advice and a good space in which I felt free to discuss whatever was on my mind, and in the process helping me to untangle and organise my thoughts and aspirations.
Male Client
Michael K
I came with a specific goal and Yannick helped to explore all the options available. I chose the one that was handy and accessible. Weekly meetings helped refine and improve on my actions and within a few months, I was happy with my achievement. I have attained a lasting technique which I use everyday and being new to coaching, I picked up some coaching skills which I use in my sessions.
Annie L
As senior lecturer at the University of East London and trainer at the Personal Well Being Centre I have lectured with Yannick on several occasions on existentialism, conflict, wellbeing education and coaching. I was impressed by how well he can communicate complex concepts in understandable ways and how easy it seems for him to make a connection to his listeners. He creates a good structure, keeps sufficient timing and his materials are interesting and fun, yet always relevant to the subject matter. I can highly recommend him.
Nash Popovic
Programme leader of PGC in Integrative Counselling and Coaching at UEL
Yannick brings his skills in positive psychology, mediation and existentialism to his coaching work with business and personal clients. This gives his work depth, focus and understanding of immediate and long-term objectives. He is a rising star in coaching and mediation; I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Phil Pearl
Owner, Mental Toughness
Yannick’s approach and teaching is outstanding. He is thoroughly professional and focused at all times. His extensive academic knowledge is harnessed and delivered to pupils in a professional and firm way, yet with great flair and engagement. I worked with him several times over three years and always found him to be solutions focused, accurate and great to work with.
Alastair Arnott
Yannick and I qualified together as ADR mediators. I have found Yannick to be intelligent, perceptive and real enthusiast. He has an unique blend of skills to enable him to facilitate and guide mediation parties through the dispute resolution process. I recommend him.
Phil Mort
Interim Programme Manager / Delivery Manager
Yannick is passionate and courageous about the work he does, has a warm, friendly and down-to-earth presence, and someone who can connect well with people of all ages. He is someone who thinks deeply about his subject, and connects things from a wide range of disciplines.
James Butcher
Leadership & Organisational Development Consultant at Work Without Walls
Yannick is very insightful and intelligent personality. He has an extensive knowledge base in psychology and a multitude of research and practical skills.
Bhavini Shrivastava
Work Performance Psychologist (BPS)
I would like to thank my academic supervisor, Yannick Jacob, for his ongoing support and mentorship, enormous patience, and immeasurable guidance: Without his encouragements, follow-ups, reminders, and genuine care and kindness, I would not have being able to perform and complete this project. I had never had a bad moment with you. You are down to earth and I have never felt for one moment that there was any power struggle between us. We met as two human beings with an understanding as equals with the respect of the boundaries between learner and supervisor.
Male Client
Samuel Timberlake
Counselling Student
I came to see you a couple of months ago to talk to you about PE Coaching, which I am very interested in. Thank you so much for giving me that time to explain to me the model and for emailing me the PPT and audio you made in the lecture. That was incredibly helpful and kind of you. I have since listened to the audio and viewed the PPT and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed your delivery and the structure as it was very clear and simple to understand. I just wanted to email to express gratitude to you as I found your lecture and your help to date to be very useful to me.
Michelle Pritchard
Specialist Youth Coach & Coaching Psychology Student
To be honest I came here for the positive psychology and no interest in coaching. Now I am in Love.
Male Client
Student, MSc Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
I am going away buzzing and excited!
I attended Yannick’s Positive Psychology module with Animas in September 2016. Yannick’s teaching style is relaxed and interactive and he made the course so fun that it was only on reflection afterwards that I realized just how much I’d actually learnt. Yannick is immeasurably knowledgeable in his subject and his enthusiasm is infectious. I have found that the concepts he introduced have been invaluable both in my own life and in my coaching – particularly the ideas about resilience which seem to be particularly pertinent when I am coaching my NHS colleagues!
Asmara Goodwin
GP/Life Coach, West Sussex


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