Nuggets May 2021

I’m late. Well not that anybody notices or necessarily even cares about how regularly these Nuggets find their way into the inboxes of the world, but it did matter to me. I had made a promise that every last Friday of the month I’d be sending these out. I was told it’s important that your followers … Read more

Nuggets April 2021

I want to start these nuggets with a pie chart. Because every March since 2005 I’ve been thinking about the day my friend Max showed it to me and until just now I could never find it again. Okay well, I should admit it never actually stayed important enough for long enough to spend more … Read more

Nuggets March 2021

I hope you’re well! The 2nd waves are easing off in most places and I can feel both, a sense of collective hope as some countries have made great progress with their vaccine rollouts, and also a real lockdown fatigue as we’re now one whole year into this pandemic and perhaps somewhat affected by the light … Read more

Nuggets February 2021

What a turbulent start to the new year it’s been! I hope you and your loved ones are doing/being okay in all this. I’ve arguably had much less time to think lately, but whenever I became still, my thoughts included those less fortunate than me, and I made sure to express gratitude as much as possible. … Read more

Nuggets January 2021 – Lucid dreaming nugget

The prospect of being able to gain and maintain consciousness during a dream has always fascinated me. I’ve heard stories about flying, threesomes, having tea with childhood nightmare monsters and, more recently, the therapeutic possibilities of lucid dreaming as it allows us to explore (and make friends with) our unconscious mind. I sort of know … Read more

Nuggets November 2020

Riding the wave. That’s what I’ve found myself saying lately when people asked me how I am. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I’m not talking CoViD-19 here, though it’s obviously very much on my mind as we’re heading into the second wave all over Europe (with a month of … Read more