Yannick Jacob

Yannick Jacob BSc MSc MA SPCP
Positive Psychology meets Existentialism
Teaching Faculty – Cambridge University & ICCS
FMR Programme Lead MSc Coaching Psychology
Coach – Trainer – Supervisor – Speaker

Life is beautiful, exhilarating and full of possibilities; and it’s also complex, challenging and inherently uncertain. Every day is an opportunity to make choices that will change our lives forever – yet too often we remain ignorant or apprehensive. We just love being comfortable & peaceful. The thing is that those who make the most out of their time on this planet, the ones we look up to as having really lived, they allow themselves to experience the whole spectrum of what life has to offer – “good” and “bad”, pleasant and uncomfortable, success and failure, happiness and anxiety. To not merely endure life, but to enjoy it in all its facets, that‘s what I call “a life well lived”. And it’s a choice away.

Living life in this way takes courage, a high degree of self-awareness, a solid shield of existential resilience and a particular set of skills. It takes a positive yet realistic attitude and to re-think your concept of happiness and success, away from never-ending comfort. Life is never going to be easy. But with positive psychology, a strong philosophy and the right coach by your side, you can make all the difference.

My clients come to me to make changes, maximize their potential, become more successful, develop resilience against all the shit that’s coming their way, to feel more present and more fulfilled, connect with a sense of meaning and purpose, resolve conflicts within and with others, to make difficult life and business decisions, or generally to understand, explore and ponder what life is all about. Some of these require a journey, some only a brief intervention.

To help you get what you want I use a range of services (my professional hats) such as 1:1 coaching, supervision & Rocket Supervision (my signature approach), coaching skills training, happiness workshops & education, conflict resolution (mediation) and a unique development programme for what I call people in positions of great responsibility (typically leaders of organisations).

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Sometimes we don’t know what to do. We feel stuck or uncertain or lack a sense of purpose. Every day we have to make choices, deal with difficult people or work on our relationships and we can never be truly sure whether what we decide to do is going to be “the right thing”. We are constantly confronted with ourselves and the world around us. But in all these challenges lies opportunity to grow and live a full life! Coaching is a place and time to work on what YOU want; an opportunity to create goals, make meaning or simply to ponder, reflect, doubt and understand your personal or professional life better. Grow as a person with personal coaching or become a better coach through supervision or training.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We all have unique sets of values, beliefs, worldviews and philosophies, and at times they are bound to clash. So we argue with friends and family, fight battles in court, we have to make difficult decisions or we might even feel like “I don’t belong here”. We even fight ourselves sometimes due to conflicting wants and needs within. We are paradoxical beings. However, conflict is an essential part of human existence and often a great opportunity to grow – as people, as friends, as family, as partners, business leaders or as a team. Most conflict can be managed effectively and often resolved through coaching and/or mediation. And where that is not possible we can learn to embrace it.


Wellbeing Workshops

When I ask people what they want, the end-game is always some form of happiness. Money, promotions, relationships, status, security… all ultimately lead to some form of feeling good or better. And although science has cracked much of the code, most people struggle to break happiness down into achievable steps. In schools, the media and in most families we don’t learn much about the skills, knowledge and components that make for a fulfilled and happy life. The self-help industry booms but there are too many charlatans. One-on-one or in groups, pick from over 200 evidence based themes & workshops for you to learn the foundations of successful living, covering all areas of personal and social development.



There’s an important gap in traditional leadership training: it fails to prepare those who are about to move into positions of great responsibility for the hidden psychological and philosophical challenges of the journey ahead. The unique PEARL programme produces strong, resilient, positive, inspiring and authentic leaders with a robust leadership philosophy, which enables them to maximize the positive impact they have on themselves and the people they serve. Through valuable insights into Positive Existential Psychology participants build natural defenses against anxiety, self-doubt, burnout, depression and other forms of personal crisis, something I call “Existential Resilience”.





“Having Yannick as my coach has dramatically improved my work and personal life. Within just a few sessions, I had already leaped past hurdles that I had put in my way for years! His clear, rational perspective can help anybody see that some of our perceived weaknesses are actually our unique strengths. I always look forward to my coaching session with my Yannick and absolutely vouch for him as a mentor and coach.”


For bespoke coach training, traditional supervision as well as my signature approach to helping coaches grow their skills and business,

In 2020 the School of Positive Transformation tasked me to design and curate a ground-breaking new coach training programme, for which I’ve managed to recruit many of the coaching industry’s earliest pioneers and leading practitioners. If you’re looking to train as a coach without emptying your bank account, or you’re looking to deepen your coaching skills as an already-qualified coach, I can’t recommend this course enough. Click here to learn more!

Interactive Coaching


Be a fly on the wall for live coaching sessions and witness what actually happens in coaching rooms across the world and across a range of approaches. If you’re a coach committed to levelling up your skills, or you’re simply curious about coaching and what it might look or feel like, the Coaching Lab offers you a look under the hood of coaching. Find out more about the Lab at



The success of any psychological intervention depends on the relationship between us. We need to be a good fit, trust each other and fully commit to the process. Book a no-strings-attached meeting or call today to get a taste of the action.


In order to promote the practice of working with a coaching supervisor, I offer a discounted 6-session package to those who are currently training to be a coach, so that they can start their supervision journey as soon as they start working with clients.


In 2020 the School of Positive Transformation tasked me to design and curate a ground-breaking new coach training programme, for which I’ve managed to recruit many of the coaching industry’s earliest pioneers and leading practitioners. If you’re looking to become a coach or deepen your coaching skills, I can’t recommend this course enough.


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