Nuggets Mai 2018/2

Nuggets May 2018/2: Time and again I find that who we are and what’s really important to us vibrates subtly in our everyday life. Some of these things have literally changed lives. And it’s so easy to share. What have you been reading, thinking about, been inspired by or experienced in the last few weeks? … Read more

Nuggets Mai 2018

Nuggets Mai 2018 Hey everybody, These last couple of weeks flew by fast. Here are a few more Nuggets for you – as always short & sweet: What I’m reading Wait but Why Roughly 311 days and 22 hours ago I decided to give voice to perhaps the most important decision of my life – I asked my … Read more

Nuggets April 2018

Nuggets April 2018 Hey everybody, I’ve promised to keep in touch with you guys, so here it goes – short & sweet: What I’m reading Grant Cardone – Sell or Be Sold Wow, what a force of nature! A prime example of a positivistic epistemological stance, Grant lays out the rules, laws and proven certainties of … Read more

Nuggets March 2018

Nuggets March 2018 Hey everybody, I’ve promised to keep in touch with you guys every now and then and some of you have kindly let me know what they would find useful and informative so here it goes – short & sweet (and for those of you who may have noticed, yes, indeed inspired by … Read more

Integrating Coaching & Therapy? Positive Existential Coaching as a form of ICT (Integrative Coach-Therapy)

In the light of the upcoming Conference on Integrative Coach-Therapy Practice (taking place in London on 21st January 2017 and being the 1st of its kind signifying a historic step in the development of integrative practice) I have summed up my approach and journey into working integratively.