Personal Coaching

Coaching helps people to take charge of their lives, to grow into better people, better coaches, better parents etc. Nobody but you is setting the standards. YOU choose where you are going! But sometimes we are feeling stuck, empty of meaning, having perhaps lost our sense of direction. Almost everyday we have to make difficult decisions, deal with difficult people or work on our relationships. Everyday we are confronted with ourselves and the world around us. We live better when we face our challenges and take charge of our lives. Coaching is a very honest, open, non-judgemental and at times challenging conversation focused on achieving what you want. It is a place and time to ponder, reflect, doubt and understand life better. And to then act on it.

I also offer coaching supervision as well as a range of foundational as well as highly specialized coaching skills training. Over the years I have trained hundreds of life and business coaches at Masters level as well as written books on Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We argue with friends and family, fight battles in court, we have to make difficult decisions or simply feel like “I don’t belong here”. Conflict is an essential part human existence and often a great opportunity to grow – as people, as friends, as family, as partners or as a team. Most conflict can be managed effectively and often resolved through mediation. And where we cannot change our environment, we can always change our attitude towards it. Coaching facilitates this process.


Coach Training

Life Classes are a collection of lectures/workshops designed to teach the foundations for living a successful, fulfilled and happy life. Initially developed for schools in conjunction with the University of East London and Haberdashers, these sessions cover all areas of personal development (physical, personal, social and spiritual). Each session will transport knowledge and experience through theory, practical exercises and inspiring homework. Pick & mix from over 200 sessions from topics such as self-awareness, confidence, flow, motivation, assertiveness, strengths, leadership, decision making, relationships, how to make friends, meaning, death, happiness and many more. Book groups sessions or try one-on-one happiness mentoring.


Leadership Training

Most training for leaders and managers focuses on pragmatic skills and at best touches on themes such as authenticity, values and identity, perhaps with a splash of mindfulness.

The PEARL programme (Positive Existential Authentic Resilient Leadership) will prepare those who decided to take charge of something they care about for what they’ll really be facing along the journey, and in the process develop what I call “Existential Resilience”, a natural defence system against future challenges and adversity.

Leaders are human beings, yet they are often expected to be superhuman (what Nietzsche called “Übermensch”). Whether you lead a multinational corporation, a country, a small start-up, your local activist group or have simply decided to be in charge of your own life and to steer into new waters; what we face as leaders rings true at any level: anxiety, stress, uncertainty & self-doubt, having to make difficult and sometimes impossible decisions, dealing with organisational absurdity, trying to find meaning in what we do, managing inner conflicts and dilemmas and dealing with the “hell” that Sartre famously called “other people”.

PEARL will invite you to re-think leadership and provide a safe space and ongoing support for its participants to develop the attitude and personal characteristics required to navigate successfully into a sustainable future. The programme consists of an initial bespoke workshop, 6 months of follow up coaching sessions as well as continuous peer support to internalize and maintain your ongoing success as a world-class leader.


Got any questions? Not sure how to move forward from here? Or would you like to get a taste before you sign up? Let’s talk! No-strings-attached.


In order to encourage more coaches to work with a supervisor early in their career I offer a discounted 6-session package to those who are currently training to be a coach or doing advanced training. Book now or schedule a consultation.


Based on years of experience training life and business coaches at Msc and ICF level I’ve developed a ground-breaking new approach to training. Whether you are a recently qualified coach looking to plug the gaps in your training or you are thinking about switching careers – the Elite 121 Coach Training programme will help you be the best coach you can be through a unique blend of 1-to-1 training, personal coaching, business mentoring and supervision. Sign up today and turn your passion into a successful business!
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