Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We argue with friends and family, fight battles in court, we have to make difficult decisions or simply feel like “I don’t belong here”. Conflict is an essential part human existence and often a great opportunity to grow – as people, as friends, as family, as partners or as a team. Most conflict can be managed effectively and often resolved through mediation. And where we cannot change our environment, we can always change our attitude towards it. Coaching facilitates this process.

Legal Conflict (Me vs. Others)

Legal Conflict

Conflicts with others are part of everyday life. Mediation helps to resolve disputes quickly and effectively, often within a few hours. This is achieved by identifying what the conflict is really about, finding common ground between the parties and helping them to find a good enough or even win-win solution that both parties are willing to accept.

Relationship Conflict (Me vs. My Other)

Relationship Conflict

“The person is not the problem – the problem is the problem.” (Michael White) Positive relationships are the most crucial factor for human wellbeing. Problems and conflicts in relationships are common and many can be prevented from escalating through the work with a coach, either one-to-one or through joint sessions with both partners.

Inner Conflict (Me vs. I)

Inner Conflict

Existential Coaching specialises on inner conflicts and dilemmas, the main cause for unhappiness. It helps you to make difficult decisions, manage conflicting wants and needs and as a result live more authentically.

Outer Conflict (Me vs. Circumstances)

Outer Conflict

When problems develop out of conflicts between yourself and the environment you live in, Positive Existential Coaching can help you to deal with difficult situations that nobody seems to be accountable for, such as changes in culture, workplace or family situation.


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