A time-sensitive Nugget

Hey !

As you’d expect, becoming a dad has led to a few new insights.

For instance, there’s the fact that yes, I tend to create a tonne of projects (a “project-salad” as my new COO Martin likes to call it), causing my map of events and associated to-do lists to look a bit wild.

But there’s also the fact that, apparently, if you don’t promote something, people don’t sign up… who would’ve thought?!

Of course I could totally pull the “new-parent card” as an excuse, or blame any number of external factors…But really, the simple truth is that:

  • In less than three weeks I’m running my weekend training *An Introduction to Existential Coaching” again.
  • I didn’t do any promotion
  • And now I need to either fill at least 4 more seats, or cancel the event.

I gave myself until Monday to make a decision and I’d love it if you signed up or told a colleague or friend about it, someone who you think would benefit from spending a weekend with me and a small group of coaches. 

You’ll find the full details of the programme here, if you’re interested.

And, as an incentive:
If you do decide to join us for the training, I’ll give you (and any friend or colleague who signs up before Monday) access to 3 of the coaching demos from our Coaching Lab Vault (these are 45min demos plus Q&A that give you the opportunity to see an approach in action, and a good few of our guests are existentialists).

What do you say? Are you joining us? 

With Love

Yannick Jacob

As a coach, mediator, coach trainer & supervisor and as a creative, critical thinker who’s determined to introduce effective programmes to schools, companies and individuals, Yannick helps his clients explore their world, build a strong foundation of who they are and as a result grow, resolve conflicts and embrace life’s challenges.