Do you take notes during your sessions? – Talking about Coaching – Episode 12

Some coaches take copious notes during their coaching sessions. Others never write anything down. Many write reflections after their coaching sessions to keep track of actions, achievements or specific contexts that they then review before the next meeting. In this episode we discuss note taking and how it can aid or hinder the coaching process … Read more

What are good metaphors to explain how coaching works? Talking about Coaching – Episode 25

Explaining what coaching is (and isn’t) is an important part of the process for coaches who set up the working alliance and contract for an effective coaching space. Metaphors can help tremendously to help clients grasp and understand coaching. Since there’s a broad range of what coaching might look like and entail and everybody seems … Read more

I feel responsible for my client’s success. Am I? Talking About Coaching – Episode 28

Many coaches carry the weight of feeling responsible for their clients’ success (or lack thereof). We hear about this often in supervision. When it takes longer than planned for their clients to reach their goal or they get frustrated along the way, many coaches ask: Could I have done more? What did I do wrong … Read more

The last coaching session is coming up. How do I end well? Talking About Coaching – Episode 49

You’re 5 out of 6 contracted sessions into your coaching agreement. The last session is scheduled and the engagement is nearing the end. How do you approach the ending? What’s important to talk about before we go separate ways? How might I open up the conversation to explore the possibility of continuing to work together? … Read more

How can I get my ego out of the way when I’m coaching? Talking About Coaching – Episode 50

It happens to the best of us: Something triggers our ego and instead of being present and focused on the client, we get a little hijacked and aren’t serving the client as best as we could have. In this episode of Talking about Coaching our resident coaches Yannick, Nicki and Siawash are discussing why this … Read more