Welcome! I’m excited that you’re reading this. Writing this takes me back to when I first came in touch with coaching and positive psychology in 2008. It’s been the most fun and meaningful learning journey of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve chosen this path, and now here you are, about to go on a similar journey. I’d love to support you by travelling alongside you, helping you out with all the professional hats I’ve developed along the way.

If you give me a few montes of your time I’ll introduce you to a bespoke support system that I’ve designed based on years of teaching, training and supervising coaches as part of an applied positive psychology and coaching psychology programme at MSc level as well as various other training programmes at a range of schools, universities and other institutions. Its purpose is to guide and support you through your university or coach training journey using my unique blend of personal coaching, mentoring, supervision and tutoring, so that you can make the most out of your degree or training.


Congratulations! If you’re reading this it’s safe to assume that you’ve got accepted to or are currently enrolled on a positive psychology or coach training programme. Whether you’re studying on campus or via distance learning, I take it that you’re committed to making the most out of your investment and you’re looking for some support along the way to help you learn and figure out how to best apply your new skills and knowledge. Whether this is about learning as much as you can, creating a successful career path, becoming an effective, ethical and authentic coach or simply smashing all your assignments, I’m here to help.


Being a student comes with a number of challenges, which I’ve come to experience both as a student and as a member staff. For years I was in charge of a masters programme at university and I’ve seen hundreds of students through their modules and assignemnts. Some of these challenges are common to being a student (managing workload, discussing content, choosing the focus of your research or digesting feedback) while others are unique to being a distance learning student or to your particular training provider. I have seen a range of these training providers operate and I can help you navigate many of the issues you may be running into along the journey. Working with me will make your student journey smoother and less stressful.


For the duration of your journey I’ll be in your corner helping you to make the most out of your studies/training. In order to maximize the vaue you get I’ll support you in a variety of ways:

I will help you fill in any gaps from lectures or previous positive psychology or coach training, realize your unique strengths as a coach or practitioner and work with you to identify relevant study goals in relation to your career aspirations.

If you are hungry to establish yourself as a skilled positive psychology practitioner, academic and/or a powerful coach and you commit to the process fully, I will help you lay the right foundations to turn your passion into a successful business.

I won’t promise you a distinction or a 6-figure business as soon as you graduate. It’ll be a journey. And it’ll take hard work, courage and a lot of investment with regards to your time and energy. But it’ll be worth it, for it will be the foundation of who you become as a practitioner (and the story you’ll later tell to your clients, friends and grand children). Positive Psychology is booming and many students go on to do work that is both fulfilling and profitable.

While you likely don’t need any support to pass complete your training, having a coach and personal tutor by your side will give you a head start and considerable advantage as a student. I can advise you on reading materials, how to navigate challenges, how to make the most out of the services that are offered to students, help you connect with like-minded students, coaches and (depending on where you are training) alumni, and generally help you learn more efficiently while balancing the workload with any existing commitments. I’ll be there when you get overwhelmed or have some tough decisions to make. Ultimately I can help you get better marks. You will be the one who does all the work, but I’m here to guide you, coach you and supervise your practice so that you can make the most of your learning and set yourself up for later success.


I’m a coach, coach trainer and supervisor with over a decade of experience. Between 2015 and 2018 I was the Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at an East London University and during that time I was also part of the team of academics as well as leading one of the programme’s core modules. From 2008-2010 I studied a degree in Applied Positive Psychology shortly after it had been established as the 2nd programme of its kind worldwide and the 1st in Europe. For years I’ve been teaching, supervising research as well as supervising coaching practice, running groups, marking essays and dissertations. Please note, however, that while I used to teach positive psychology and coaching at a different universities and institutions, this programme is not endorsed by or run in partnership with any university or training provider that I may have been associated with in the past. In 2018 I left my University job to focus on growing the Positive Existential Coaching approach and as a result published my first full length book on the subject, something that I wasn’t able to do working almost full time on campus. Part-time teaching positions were not available at the time so I decided to follow my passion. The timing was right though as one of my former colleagues, Itai Ivtzan, who used to be in charge of the MAPP programme, invited me to join the team of his new Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate course on a part time basis. The all-online course is truly amazing and features most of the big names in the field running a module including a monthly live session for Q&A so I’ve been quick to say yes to the opportunity as not only did I get to meet the likes of Barbara Fredrickson, Suzy Green, Ryan Niemic, Matthieu Ricard, Suzie and James Pawelski, Kim Cameron, Lea Waters, Mike Steger, Sonja Lyubomirsky and Antonella Delle Fave, but I also got to work closely with Itai and a few other high-profile psychologists and practitioners creating Positive Psychology Interventions and facilitating students learning journeys. This collaboration later evolved and now (2020) I’m working with Itai as his Programme Director to create a ground-breaking new coaching certificate featuring many of the world’s authorities on coaching including Jonathan Passmore, David Clutterbuck, Peter Hawkins, Erik De Haan, Alison Whybrow, Ilona Boniwell, Cherie Carter-Scott and many others.

Leading up to creating my own training courses I’ve been teaching coaching at a number of institutions such as Birkbeck University of London, the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent’s University, Animas Centre for Coaching and (despite not coaching-related) I’m proud to be part of the teaching faculty at The School of Life. Over the past decade I have trained, taught, coached and supervised hundreds of now successful life and business coaches from a range of different approaches at ICF and Masters level. I published books and book chapters on Positive Psychology, Existential Coaching and Coach-Therapy Integration, I speak at conferences internationally and I created two of my own unique, cutting-edge approaches to practice that now attracts clients from all over the world: Positive Existential Coaching and Rocket Supervision. My book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching has been published by Routledge, one of the largest academic publishing houses in the world.

But really, in my opinion the above are mostly words on (digital) paper. What really matters is that I fucking LOVE helping people learn and make the most out of their time. I want you to get the best possible experiences out of your positive psychology or coaching journey and flourish on whatever path you may choose. I have experienced the power of positive psychology and coaching both first and second hand time and again and it gives me great joy to be able to support future practitioners to be the best they can be using the skills I’ve been honing since 2007 (when I first came in touch with this wonderful science). Passing on the knowledge and experiences I’ve gathered in all those years is what truly inspires me. This motivation runs through all of my work and I’m excited at the prospect of journeying alongside you for the duration of your studies. The quality of people that positive psychology and coach training programmes and degrees attract is just incredible and every time I’m surrounded by positive psychologists and coaches I’m feeling blessed and inspired. In my opinion that is the best sign that I’m living life well.


What exactly we’ll do together during our sessions will be agreed by us during our consultation and will depend on your existing level of skill, confidence, motivation, experience and commitment as well as your preferred learning style but usually contains the following elements: 

  • Academic Tutoring – We’ll be discussing what you’re learning, how to make sense of the science or any other materials you’re digesting, how to fit your conclusions into your emerging understanding of the field of coaching and positive psychology and critically reflect on what you find in the literature and other sources. I’ll mainly facilitate your learning but will add knowledge and experience where I can to fill in any gaps.
  • Personal Coaching – “Who you are is how you coach!” Our coaching work will help you carve out your personal style, identify your strengths, values and identity as a coach and resolve any obstacles to becoming a pro.
  • Supervision – Discussing the work you do with (practice) clients is crucial for developing your professional practice and becoming a better coach or practitioner. And if you don’t currently have clients or struggle to find people to practice with, I will help you find some or perhaps even refer some to you.
  • Business Mentoring – In every successful positive psychology practitioner or coach there’s got to be a successful entrepreneur. Together we will identify your target market, build your brand, work on your pitch and set up your business if this is something you’d like to do.
  • Skills Training & Teaching – Where appropriate I will draw on my background in positive psychology and coaching skills training to run you through relevant models, theories, interventions or techniques and tools that you are interested.
  • Video Analysis & Feedback – We will take a critical look at recordings of coaching sessions by yourself as well as other professional coaches in order to highlight strengths and areas of development.
  • Learning Resources – Based on your individual development journey I can recommend you a variety of additional books, articles, podcasts, videos, talks or people to talk to in order to deepen or broaden your knowledge & skills you gain as part of your positive psychology or coaching programme.
  • Accreditation – If you are not yet accredited by any professional coaching bodies and would like to add this to your resume I will guide you through the process and make sure you fulfill all the relevant criteria.
  • 24hr Access – For the duration of the programme I will be in your life and you will be able to contact me around the clock with any pressing questions that you may have. I may not always be able to respond straight away and we may need to move longer conversations into our next session, but I tend to respond swiftly with valuable materials, thoughts or questions.


The following baseline packages are on offer. I’ve formulated the around the duration of a standard Masters degree (which tends to last 1 year (2 terms) full time or 2-3 years (4-6 terms) part-time). However, training in coaching and positive psychology may come in all different shapes and sizes which we will be able to cater for and in which case I’d tailor a specific programme for your individual needs (simply book a consultation, I’ll block 2 hours for us and we’ll take it from there). All programmes are bespoke so that we may amend and individualize any of the below options to best fit your needs. The cost for your bespoke programme will depend on how intensely you choose to get involved:

I’ll block 2 hours every week for us to meet or talk to each other. In addition you’ll have 24h access to me (within reason) and continuous support between sessions (you can call or write to me anytime with questions and getting back to you will always be at the top of my priority list). We’ll also spend an afternoon together at the start to hone in on your motivations to do the programme and to be clear on what you are aiming to get out of it as to better understand your needs and tailor what I can offer to your specific interests. I’ll give you feedback on your essays, dissertation drafts or any other course work and we’ll work together to set up your business alongside your training with full access to my collection of academic and business building resources.

Cost: £2k monthly retainer / Duration: As long as you’re enrolled in the programme, 1 term minimum duration

We’ll meet either 6 times per term for up to 3 hours (which is about once for every teaching block) or 12 times per term for 50 minutes (which is roughly once per week during teaching period). You’ll have access to me in between sessions via email and WhatsApp (within reason) and we’ll make use of all of my professional hats as we see fit to best support your journey. I’ll also give you feedback on your essays, dissertation drafts or other course work.

Cost: £4k / Duration: 6 months

We’ll have 10 hours of contact time that you’ll work off as you see fit and required. How much time you use per term is up to you. Any unused sessions won’t expire until you’ve completed your programme. Each time we meet I’ll block 2 hours for us but the actual session length is up to you. Once you’ve had enough value from the session we’ll call it a day and I’ll keep track of how much time we’re using, so we could do 5x 2h sessions, 12x 50min sessions, 20x 30mins or any other length or combination of these. It’s completely flexible. However, there tends to be no contact in between sessions unless it’s an emergency.

Cost: £2k / Duration: 10 hours

We’ll have a 2-hour check-in each month over the duration of your course, time which you can use to best suit your purposes. You will have access to all my professional hats and we’ll contract at the start of each session what outcomes you’d like to achieve as to provide you with the best value possible.

Cost: £400 monthly retainer / Duration: flexible


While I love meeting people face-to-face, modern technology allows us to do powerful work even if you are unable to travel to London. Worried about high fees? We’ll find a way! Or we can explore you joining one of the accelerator groups I run. Just talk to me and we’ll figure out the best way to work together and get you what you want. If you’re ready to throw yourself into your positive psychology and/or coaching journey with full commitment and you’re keen to make the most out of your time training or studying, book a free, no-strings-attached conversation today. I’ll block 2 hours for us so we can have a relaxed chat about how I can best support you in this endeavor.

Until then I look forward to hearing from you.


Tia Moin: “I’ll be forever grateful for your inspirational teaching at UEL and the coaching you provided me which I described to others as ‘clearing the skeletons out my cupboard so I could be an effective coach’! Your energy in the first MAPPCP module Evidence-based Coaching definitely played a role in my motivation/path to becoming a coach (I don’t think I genuinely thought I would do it when I first signed up to the course but it was hard not to after your teaching!) so thank you for being an inspiring human being and for teaching me well!”

James Ross-Smith: “Yannick was a great teacher, combining metaphor, case study and coaching as he was presenting the course. I learnt a lot more than I expected too and got some great personal shifts, massive changes to my coaching style and finally made the career change I had been putting off for 9 years. Money and time very well spent!”

Carrie Brooks: “Yannick’s CPD on positive psychology has become the foundation of my coaching today! You could say this was pivotal!”

Shaun Higgins: Yannick created a space where I could explore my needs at the intersection of supervision and mentoring, offering me the guidance and motivation I needed. He offered invaluable guidance around ways of enabling clients to recognize the worth of my coaching so that they are then willing to pay for it according to its value to them (and not its cost according to me). This idea alone now offers me the opportunity to approach clients with greater confidence.

Richard Thorby: Yannick Jacob has been instrumental in the further development of my executive coaching capabilities in the areas of Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching. These developments were received through formal training, dedicated one-to-one work and in-depth work through the coaching approach. As a coach I have found that he has an innate ability to make me feel at ease while we explore some of the deeper issues of the development of my coaching practice as well as to help me to explore the existential issues that are emerging. He is singularly gifted and I would unquestioningly recommend him as a coach and an educator.

Jodi Wedeen: “Yannick is such a passionate and intelligent person. I thoroughly enjoyed his coaching class because it opened my eyes and my thoughts. He gave us the open space to express ourselves and allowed us to ask difficult questions. He is a unique teacher and offers a lot knowledge and perspective. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class or experiencing a life coaching session with him. Thank you so much.”

Carol Perez: “Yannick, thank you for sharing your huge amount of knowledge in such an unpretentious, engaging and unique way. I’ve been feeling like Neo (the matrix) since I left on Sunday hahaha, downloading, updating and uninstalling useless things that I chose to “be”.”

Student 1427823: “Throughout this process I reflected on my behaviour, thoughts, and perspectives on a wide variety of life skills and situations. Without coaching I believe that most of these issues would have remained a thought in the back of my mind and not something that I would have addressed. The biggest part of my life that I noticed changed was my ability to stand up for myself and learning that it is ok to say no. I felt myself developing after only a few weeks.”

Student 1233751: “Over the past few weeks I have discovered so much about myself. […] I feel that I have made peace with myself in certain areas of my life such as my relationship with the past and even though I still have many areas of my life yet to work on, I feel as though I am on the way to a better future with a new belief system in myself.”

John Gedge: “I really enjoyed Yannick’s delivery and his apparently effortless facilitation, which enabled us all to have such a rich learning experience. Yannick was hugely engaging, passionate and knowledgeable.”

Lindsay: “The curious paradox is that once I accept myself as I am, then I can change. And to me that goes to the root of everything that I am now beginning to believe I can offer as a coach. My own insecurities and my lack of confidence of what I can deal with as a coach is of enormous value to me. Having this polished view of perfection that i thought I needed to have before I can go out there is actually not particularly me. So thank you for laying the route that got me there.”

Steve Thomas: “I learned so much from you in my coach training and would just like to say a big thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of your sessions and your in-depth knowledge. I hope that may be one day I will be where you are. May your future be bright, authentic, and serve your greatest good.”

​Jacqueline Boerefijn:”I can whole-heartedly recommend Yannick as a scholar, teacher, trainer and personal tutor for all areas related to happiness, wellbeing and personal & social development.”

Julie: “The time I was in your class was AMAZING!!!!
You are a great teacher! and really helped bring the material to life and understanding.”

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Got any questions? Not sure how to move forward from here? Or would you like to get a taste before you sign up? Let’s talk! No-strings-attached.


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