I help people get in touch with what they really want and take charge of their lives.

Whether you want to maximise your potential, become better at your job, feel happier, be more successful or content, resolve conflicts, make a difficult decisions or generally face life’s challenges with more courage...


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My work is grounded in positive psychology, existential philosophy, experience and cutting edge training. I currently run the MSc Coaching Psychology at UEL, train life coaches at Animas and NSPC, I coach businesses via CYC New York and I offer happiness and professional development sessions for schools and individuals.
What I offer

Coaching & Supervision

Sometimes we don't know what to do. We feel stuck or lack a sense of meaning. We have to make difficult decisions, deal with difficult people or work on our relationships. Everyday we are confronted with ourselves and the world around us. And in all these challenges lies opportunity to grow! Coaching is a place and time to work on what YOU want; an opportunity to create goals, make meaning or simply to ponder, reflect, doubt and better understand your personal and professional life.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We argue with friends and family, fight battles in court, we have to make difficult decisions or we might feel like “I don’t belong here”. Conflict is an essential part of human existence and often a great opportunity to grow - as people, as friends, as family, as partners or as a team. Most conflict can be managed effectively and often resolved through coaching and/or mediation.


Happiness Workshops

Most of us want to be happy in some way. Yet, we often don’t know what that actually means. In schools, in the media and even in many families we don’t learn much about the skills, knowledge and components that make for a fulfilled and happy life (or the wrong ones). Pick from over 200 evidence-based workshops to learn the foundations of successful living covering all areas of personal development (physical, personal, social and spiritual).

Client testimonials

Lea S., London/United Kingdom

Events Coordinator

“I didn't quite know where I was going with my career. Yannick really helped me to clear my mind, assess my options and focus on what is truly important to me. I now actually enjoy going to work”

Enrico K., Dresden/Germany

“I was facing a lawsuit I couldn't afford to win. Yannick's mediation skills helped us to resolve this misunderstanding in a few hours and saved us all a lot of time, money and nerves. Thanks!”

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