Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics #9 – Deanne Adamson, Founder & CEO of Being True To You

In this episode we’re talking to Deanne Adamson about Coaching & Psychedelics.

Deanne is the Founder & CEO of Being True To You, who provide coaching and coach training for addiction recovery and psychedelic integration. Deanne shares how she entered this line of work over a decade ago, what she’s learned along the way about coaching and psychedelic therapies, and some tips for success as a coach in this arena. She talks about what it takes for a coach to get trained up and why a career in coaching is so fitting for our times.

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Deanne would like to add that: “Being True To You’s spring coach training begins March 9th 2022 with orientation, and March 14th 2022 with Lecture 1. This 5-month online coach certification covers the universal phenomenon of addiction, various states of human suffering, the transformational recovery process, coaching with psychedelic integration, everything you need to know to be a coach, coaching tools and skills, and how to form a profitable coaching practice.  Click here to learn more, or contact:  +1 (833) 379-0070 /”

Thank you Deanne for a thought provoking conversation!


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