Talking About Coaching and Psychedelics #5: Shiri Godasi – Pioneering Psychedelic Integration Coach

In this episode we’re talking to Shiri Godasi about coaching & psychedelics. 

Shiri Godasi is one of the pioneers of psychedelic integration coaching. She describes herself as a psychedelic positive integration coach, visionary entrepreneur, ignitor of consciousness and designer of social change. Her mission is to help people remember that they are powerful creators and here to heal and help themselves, heal the planet and help all of us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. 

Shiri studied spiritual psychology in Los Angeles with a focus on Psychedelic Integration Therapy, created 8 successful businesses and along the way created the Psychedelic School through which she offers training programs for psychedelic integration coaches. 

We talk about spirituality and business, her background in coaching, how she became the successful psychedelic entrepreneur she is today and what she recommends to other coaches who are about to venture into this field. We also talk about the differences between coaching and therapy, if a psychedelic coach necessarily needs to have their own experiences with psychedelics in order to do good work, and why she switched successfully from 1:1 Sessions to offering programs for groups.

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