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Nuggets June 2018

Nuggets June 2018:

You never know what’s going to happen. An insignificant comment may just change your life. The flap of a butterfly can change the world. Last month I mentioned in passing that I’ve always felt that Alain de Botton and I should be friends. And one reader reached out and made a connection. So when you come across something great, do you keep it to yourself, or do you share? Here are a few thoughts, ideas and inspirations from the last couple of weeks. I’d love to hear yours!

Here’s what’s been going on for me.

What I’m reading
Derren Brown’s recent book Happy strikes a chord with me in so many ways. Rooted in stoic philosophy, he outlines the history of how we have viewed happiness, suggests practical ways to deal with anger, frustration and sadness and, most excitingly for a positive existentialist like me, has written a whole chapter on approaching death with a positive attitude. Thanks Derren! I like you more now.

What I’m learning
I’ve been listening to Grant Cardon’s Closer’s Survival Guide. Lots of outrageous stuff but just as “In Treatment” got me to think loads about my coaching, many of his closing techniques also really got me to think deeply about how I can better facilitate the process of a prospect saying Yes to my offer. I can step out of my comfort zone in a couple of areas and figure out ways to present what I’ve got so that clients are more likely to sign up (which so far nobody has regretted). Good stuff in this book as long as you’re being critical and ethical! Great for anyone in sales or running their own business to put into practice.

What I’ve been pondering
If you’ve been following me for some time, you will be familiar with Jason Silva. His shots of philosophical espresso, or Shots of Awe as he now fittingly calls them, are a pure joy to watch for the deep thinker and positive existentialist. I recently stumbled across a key note he delivered, discussing AI and the uber-exponential development of nano- and bio-technology. Fascinating, elevating, mind-blowing and a little scary if you ask me (not him!) See for yourself here.

What I’d like to know
The power of repetition has reached a new height in my perception of its significance. Growing up with a rather impatient dad I’ve been working through my experience of wanting to cut to the chase and find short cuts to wisdom and results, but more and more I really recognize the value of repetition and would like to use this more as to anchor important messages in people’s minds. Thinking about my future kids in particular I’ve started to make a list of little phrases that I want give to my kids. I wondering, what kind of things did your parents, caregivers or teachers keep saying that you found to be of great value even decades later? Let me know and I’ll add them to my list.

What I’m selling
There are just a few places left now for the July training weekend in Existential Coaching. Click here to book your place and join us from 27-28 July 2018.

Bring a friend and save 30% on your ticket or share and you both get 15% off. I’ve also just closed a book deal with the publishing house Routledge, for my introduction to this exciting approach to coaching, so if you haven’t grabbed your free copy of the ebook, you can still download it from my website for a limited time.

Bonus nugget for everyone attending ECPP 2018
For those of you attending the European Conference on Positive Psychology in Budapest I’ll be giving a talk on Positive Psychology Coaching on Saturday 30 June at 11:40am. Find me in the Optimism sector and do come say hello! It’d be lovely to meet you.

If you have your own nuggets, then please send them over, tweet at me or send a raven! I’m always keen on questions or comments you have and would love to hear from you!

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