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Nuggets July 2018

Nuggets July 2018:

When inspiration hits, do you keep it to yourself, or do you share it with your people? I believe in putting your thoughts, questions and experiences out there. You never know what these ripples may turn into. Here’s what was on my mind this month:

What I’m learning
Recently I started recording my food intake. It started with reading Tim Ferriss’s The 4 Hour Body which inspired me to record more, including exercise, weight and food intake. Using the Fitbit app (which is quite annoying in some ways but does the job in many others; try Chronometer as a step up) I started to develop an awareness of the nutritional values and calories of what I’m putting into my body on a daily basis. It immediately had quite an effect on my self-regulation and general diet.

What I’m looking forward to
My colleague and fellow positive existentialist Paul Wong invited me to speak at the 10th International Meaning Conference in Vancouver next week. I’ll be running a 3 hour workshop on Positive Existential Coaching and discussing subjects such as meaning making in the face of AI, as well as other massive changes to the order of the world, on the main stage later in the week. You can tune in via their live stream over three full days.

What went really well
The recent Existential Coaching weekend! If you’d like to join the January event, drop me a line and I’ll let you know once the date is confirmed.

What I’m proud of
DJ Leeberation. 10 years ago my friend Lee lived at my house while between jobs. He started to get into DJing and used my gear on a daily basis. When I got home from Uni we would have long mixing sessions. He became my padawan (a bit like an apprentice) and we went on to play various events in the community together. Fast forward and DJ Leeberation is now able to live off his art and has become a known name in the Brussels music scene. Here’s his recent set on Bruzz Radio.

In other DJ-related news, I’ll be opening Robotika, one of Boomtown Fair’s main stages, on the 9th August. If you find yourself out there, give me a shout!

What I’d love your input on
What’s the future of training courses? Technology is catching up with face-to-face, up-close and personal training sessions with participants in the room. Virtual classrooms are getting better and better – so much so that a considerable amount of my coaching and training work now takes place online. I wonder what people actually think about that. Digital natives will perhaps think about this less and less as online training becomes the norm, but what are we missing? What do you still need in order to really simulate the real thing? I’d love to know what would work for you and why!

As always, I’d love to hear what inspired you this month, what you’re reading and what you’d like to see me share in the future.

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Yannick Jacob

As a coach, mediator, coach trainer & supervisor and as a creative, critical thinker who’s determined to introduce effective programmes to schools, companies and individuals, Yannick helps his clients explore their world, build a strong foundation of who they are and as a result grow, resolve conflicts and embrace life’s challenges.