Dr Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC: In Conversation with The Mother of Coaching – Coaching Uncaged S12 E04

Join host Yannick Jacob in this conversation with Dr Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, who is a NY Times & Amazon Bestseller, behavioural science pioneer, CEO, media personality, and known as the “Mother of Coaching.”

This fascinating episode begins with Chérie sharing her journey to becoming a coach – from a 20-year old “catalyst” who “likes to work with people” to realising her gift of bringing out people’s truths.

In this episode, Chérie also talks about her own spiritual background. In offering how she sees training coaches as “training earth angels,” Chérie and Yannick engage in conversation about the existential question: are we good or are we evil?

Chérie then talks about the need for coaches to be in good shape – physically, mentally, spiritually – for us to be able to be centred and support our clients.

She says “we have to ensure that we can lead the way into the future for people who are fearful, anxious, not feeling centred.”

The conversation then shifts into Chérie’s coaching philosophy, which starts with the power of “not knowing.” She then explores the concepts of the Three Cs (Curious, Confidence, and Courage), DWBC (Desire, Willingness, Belief, Commitment), and some of the theories that sit behind her practice and coach training.

Dr Chérie then delves deeper on the idea of “not knowing” as she shares what she calls an “absolutely devastating” event during a time when she seemed to have had a perfect life, and how she was able to break through this lesson in humility.

In talking about her imperfect life, Dr. Cherie also talks about the power of beliefs.

Dr Chérie also shares some powerful questions that she uses within her coaching practice, providing a small window of what goes on in a coaching session with her.

Finally, she shares her thoughts about transformation, calling to mind the classic metaphor of the caterpillar, chrysalis, and the butterfly.

Dr Chérie is a Global CEO, achange management expert, and a #1 NY Times & Amazon Bestselling author. She has been a frequent guest on Oprah with appearances on CNN, Today, O’Reilly. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

If you’re interested to work with Chérie or learn more about what she does, please visit this link: https://www.drcherie.com/