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Cool Intentions #1 – Sam Chillcott

It’s all started because I liked the ring of it, how it sounds. Cool Intentions. Possibly influenced by my youth and the similar sounding movie, but no relation. I love having meaningful conversations. And I like to get to know people at a deep level, find out what drives them, why they do the things they do, what they believe in where their passion lies. And I’m fascinated with how arts & culture – music, books, stories, paintings, exhibitions, etc. – influence our journeys and shape who we are and what we do. I found that you get to know a person when you talk about music or books or comics or comedy they like and that it’s a brilliant, enjoyable and inspiring way to get through to their core being without getting lost in their biography or life story. Through Cool Intentions I want to introduce “cool” people, and I mean that in the broadest sense of the word: authentic, unapologetically different and sticking out from the masses.

My first guest is Sam Chillcott, a fellow life coach, digital nomad, music lover, and former drifter who found a home and his life passion in Gran Canaria. As Sam takes us through an inspiring list of music, books and cultural movements that have made him the person he is today we’re exploring topics such as HipHop, sampling vs. stealing, pick up artists, happiness and how to find your path in life, marketing and being different, minimalism and how to focus your mind, Ikigai, how to use alcohol as a self-development tool and Sam’s take on how to be pro-active, CREATE and have the courage to live a life you love.




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  1. [MUSIC] Jackin For Beats – Ice Cube

Blew my mind
Changed my perspective and attitude – an alternative to the mainstream – took me underground
The concept of sampling = stealing and adding your own twist
I now do this with all my creations – take parts i like, collate then mix to create something new
Hip-hop itself started of crude and now it’s the best-selling genre recently

  1. [BOOK] The Game – Neill Strauss
    •   PUA + psychology > My own personal Growth
      You can improve socially, it’s not a genetic trait
      Most if not all skills are learnable
  1. [BOOK] Purple cow – Seth Godin
    •  be different
  2. [MUSIC] Everyone’s Mad NSFW (Hip-hop influence)
    •  Do what comes naturally
      Steal – this is all samples = collage
      Mistakes and imperfection are great (snare mute and hi-hat randomness)
      Can go on to inspire others (started a label which is still going today)
  1. [VIDEO] Minimalism Video
    •  Concentrate on the things that are important
      Minimize inventory
      More money for travel
      Prep for DN
  1. [ARTICLE] Ikigai
    •   The article that sparked the journey to find the crossover of the 4 Venn bubbles
  2. [BOOK] The Element + Finding Your Element – Ken Robinson
    •   Know yourself – work to strengths
      Be proactive – ask questions and review the data
      Align with passion = book (related to Ikigai)
      Create the lifestyle
      Find where your cool is
  1. [QUOTE] Goethe quote
    •   Commit first then other doors will open. If you don’t commit, nothing will happen
  2. [VIDEO] No Reservations + Parts Unknown – Anthony Bourdain
    •  Understanding others (beliefs, culture etc) good trait for travel and coaching
      Look to others for inspiration – The shows helped me create my travel list
  1. [MOVEMENT w/ VIDEO] Digital Nomad images
    •   Opened up a new concept i’d not come across = travel and work combined
      Now i am one
      Find your tribe – people on the same wavelength  = supportive and inspirational environment
  1. [BOOK] lean startup – Eric Reis
    •   The concept of MVP and how it relates to perfectionism


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